Stephen E. Arnold: Enterprise Search (Findability) is DEAD!

IO Impotency
Stephen E. Arnold

The Key to Millions: Enterprise Search?

Our research prior to the publication of the three volumes of the Enterprise Search Report I wrote and our subsequent work on next generation search solutions revealed these problems:

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ROBERT STEELE: Both online search and enterprise search are challenged by silos and varied access privileges as well as many classification and format issues. Steve Arnold is God on search.  Walled gardens do not work and Google is headed for the same tar-pit that has consumed IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle.  Amazon will take longer but Alibaba may be its death knell. I wrote the original 1994 letter to the White House sounding the alarm, and we have learned nothing since then — if anything we  have made it worse because “data” (of which we process 1% of what we collect and collect 1% of what is published which is 1% of what is written which is 1% of what is known) has been allowed to be a crap-shoot with no one held accountable for ignorance, lies, and professional malpractice.  I pray we might be at the beginning of a new era that creates a local  to global federation in which data integrity rules, and every individual has the rights of anonymity, identity, privacy, and security, while FINDABILITY can be reliably achieved in near real time across all mediums, and languages.  Not something the US Government knows anything about….

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