VIDEO (30:00) Benjamin Fulford Talks Gold, Silver, JFK and Financial Reset UPDATE 1: Adds Notes & Expansion

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Alert Readers sent in notes and comments — below the fold.

UPDATE 1A: Alert Reader #1 – Notes from the video

Robert Steele (RDS) sets stage, asked for Fulford’s full introduction, Fulford complies. RDS sites Fulford’s introduction of Japanese princess to RDS, RDS breaking Korea peninsula de-nuclearization and re-unification story because of this. RDS call lunatic until story breaks more widely. RDS knows that many Fulford stories are similar, considered crazy until widely acknowledged. RDS asks for broad, global stage setting of historical players.

Gnostic Illuminati started American, French and Russian revolutions. Starting world revolution this time. Founded by Pythagoras Recruits 6,000 geniuses per generation Discloser (one of the geniuses) to Fulford scouted in by Bobby Fisher, chess champion.

P2 Free Masons Created communism Leo Zagami told Fulford of P2 Free Masons Descendants of Caesars, want NWO empire under them Wear black masks to give orders to Vatican, others Foretold of firing Pope Benedict made it happen

Scottish Rite Free Masons Basically, the British Empire, #2 “on totem pole” after P2 Free Mason/Caesars in the West. Fulford feels they are, from his interactions, basically decent people. Pushers of global warming to support underdeveloped countries to avoid killing large part of the world’s population. Bush and his people want population culling.

RDS recounts Fulford introducing RDS to a top Chinese Free Mason. RDS ask about power structure in Asia and the differences in Free Masons west vs east. Fulford: Chinese royal families chose Communism as the best way to modernize China 2 Power Blocks inside China, 3 outside Communist Youth League is Chinese meritocracy/bureaucracy, the people working way up that pyramid Royal families that stay in the background and control finances Third Asian block, similar languages, “the horse people” Mongolians, Japanese, Koreans, 1,000s year history of cooperation and adversity with Chinese. Fulford: “The difference between Chinese and these people is BIGGER than between Chinese and English.” Chinese diaspora/southeast Asia, former members of defeated dynasties who fled with riches/gold to southeast Asia and Taiwan, very influential among overseas Chinese.

Russia Bolshevik revolution was NOT a Russian revolution but created by Communist Jews. At dissolution of USSR, 300 top Russians bribed to agree to fall of Soviet Union and became Russia’s oligarchs living overseas, as in London, etc.. Many top Russian Jews migrated to Israel. Traditional orthodox Christian Russia Church and Secret Service allied to the Czar, assassinated ~ 200 people and toot back power. Today Russian Orthodox Church is main power in Russia today. Fulford feels these are good people. Russia’s living standard doubled within one year of Russia taking power. Church/Putin stopped looting of monies going overseas by oligarchs, why they vilify Putin. Fulford speculates USA could also double living standard within a year by removal of Kazazian Jews owners of Federal Reserve Board. RDS agrees.

RDS references returning to topics: Asia, gold, JFK Memorial Green-Hilton Agreement. Then RDS mentions Russian Orthodox Church sweeping into Byzantine empire as segue to the Middle East of today and Russia’s pro-active stance in Middle East and avoided topic of the Aga Khan

Fulford: “I forgot to mention Zionists!” Big laugh. RDS: “Qanon says “we leave the Zionists for last”” referencing a Q post. Zionists Fulford: recounts Turkish Jew founder, Sabbatai Zevi (~1648) with ~ 1M followers acts to carry out prophecies in the Bible, create artificial Armageddon, rule world from Jeruselem. Chabads think after war between gog and magog with 90% of humans eliminated, every Jew receives 2,800 slaves and Jews rule the world. Zionists are powerful minority behind Middle East troubles. Middle East, historically 3 main groups Persians/Iranians, Shia branch of Islam Turks/Byzantine heirs, different language – variants still spoken in 17 countries as testimony of Byzantine empire enduring legacy Arabs/Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sunni Islam Aga Khan descendent of Mohammad, heir to Assassins (still around, quite active) influential in Shia world, British high society, maintains low profile, controls Pakistan. Fulford: heart seems in right place.

Gold RDS mentions Seagraves’ book “Gold Warriors: America's Secret Recovery of Yamashita's Gold”. Both Seagraves were friends of RDS. Book about capture of Japanese gold in Philippines which became Black Lily Fund which funded US covert operations world-wide, morphing into Black Eagle Fund which funded Brennan/Tenet/Krongard economic war on Russia (RDS: “for which Putin had every right to nuke us for”).

RDS segues to GCR Global Currency Reset as indigenous chiefs and elders seem to be coming back into their own. Fulford: “That’s a big question!” Since Roman times, Asia has been sending silk/ceramics/spices to West, being paid in gold and silver resulting in 85% of world’s gold in Asia. Asians set up BIS Bank for International Settlements to help Germany help pay for their Versailles Treaty reparations after WWI. Asians were promised a world governance with families in the background, needed WWII to make that happen. Winning powers broke promise, cut off gold to Asia, with no Marshall plan for Asia/Africa, plan only for countries they controlled in Europe. Kennedy promised Marshall Plan for the world using Asian/Indonesian gold for backing. Kennedy assassinated. US ran out of gold in early 1970’s, Nixon goes off gold standard and petro-dollar scheme created which is now failing. 911 related to secret court case that US lost. US had to pay back gold taken from China in 1938 deal. US couldn’t pay, evidence blown up in 911. War on Terror started, fascist coup d’état in form of US Patriot Act, US became Nazi terror state. Good guys wake up and find US establishment are the bad guys. 2008, US teetering on bankruptcy, promise Black president and “things to be different” to get money from Asians. Soetoro aka Obama just Bush-agenda house slave. Asian support withdrawn. Obama/2008 750 tons of gold taken from Yohannes Riyadi, sold 1,000+ times to create $23Trillion of gold back bonds. This is what’s pumping global stock markets, 1,000x leveraged gold. Markets must return to reality.
Trump presidency backed by Gnostic and military industrial persons, hearts in right place.

RDS asks about possible Xi Jinping/Putin/Trump deal to keep markets from collapsing to get Trump re-elected. Fulford: easy to say bubble, difficult to say when it bursts. Chinese elders suggest collapse will occur before US elections and Trump will have to negotiate bankruptcy. CIA and Indonesia contacted Fulford before interview specifically for Fulford to bring up President Kennedy E.O. Executive Order 11110 “is still there” providing for stroke-of-the-pen gold-backed US currency “and leave the Fed mess to the Kazazian mafia”. E.O. re-enactment is their recommendation. This brings Asian backing.
RDS point to Wayne Jet’s book “Fruits of GrafT” stating Fed debt is on the private banks, not the US citizen. RDS “we could nationalize the Fed, and NOT nationalize those Federal Reserve dollars….”

RDS asks Fulford about Chinese view. Fulford: 1) Hillary HRC had promised China “The United States of China” handing over control of Japan and Asian to the Chinese “that’s why they gave her lots of money and was surprised with she was not elected.” 2) Trump could be better for Chinese, i.e. “with whole new set up for the planet, and fair role for Asia.”

1980’s Fulford was studying successful Japanese economic double-digit growth as student. Japan’s success was being dismantled by US, US assassinated Prime Ministers, US shot down Japan Airlines Flt 123 (600 people), other disruptions. Japan system had economic planning agency at its heart, a hybrid between communism and capitalism where gov’t creates framework and private sector fills the framework. Singapore, third richest place on earth, and China both copied and improved upon this model. Qatar and Luxembourg sited as shill, Singapore earns money through work and real economic development. Fulford has been recommending such a system for West re-boot. Fulford sites bankruptcy of US CORPORATION owned by “gangsers, satan worshiping bankers” (many people have no clue as to this US CORPORATION, the Act of 1871 and how USA/America has been actually ruled) as not terrible but actually “removing the night mere”, makes analogy to fall of USSR, “that would be a great thing for everybody”. This is military fight, we (good guys) are winning, they (cabal) have hired mercenaries to stay in power. Victory is only a matter of time. RDS sites parallels of planning agency to his open source intelligence and open source engineering.

5 minute wrap up RDS: Will Palestine be returned to the Palestinians per Kissinger suggestion? Fulford: Israel is militarily doomed. US will no longer fight wars for Israel. Israel will have no choice but to sue for a real Peace and end up in protection of Turkey, Iran and Egypt. RDS: “I’ve distinguished between Zionism and Judaism for a long time. Supreme leader of Iran recently made same distinction, calling for end of Israel. Will Trump visit Iran before election and make “the deal” with Iran’s Supreme Leader? Fulford 1) the Jews need to realize that the holocaust was caused by Zionists. It was manufactured to fit the gog vs. magog Biblical battle and to drive European Jews into Israel. If they (Jews) don’t understand that they’re never going to be free.” People of Israel will be allowed to live and prosper in Peace with autonomy. They just need to get rid of these fanatic….. RDS interjects: “I agree…I follow Rabbi Michael Learner among many other….. it’s now clear that many Jews now realize that Zionism is antithetical to Judaism.

RDS: 2 minutes left. What would you say to Trump in an elevator? Fulford: 1) make a deal with the Asians for a Future Planning Agency for the planet, 2) start multi $Trillion projects to a) end poverty, b) stop environmental destructions (clean up planet) and c) expand the human race into the universe. “That’s all I’d need to say.” Very gracious close by RDS, he’s looking forward to another Fulford visit in Japan, praising Ben as amazing human being.

UPDATE 1B: Alert Reader #1 –  Missing from Fulford's comments

According to the lead attorney of The Global Debt Facility, they're working with every military of the world to remove the Federal Reserve Bank and go back to nationalized banks and the Gold Standard. This is why countries and the banks are horsing gold right now. The National War College's Power Transition Model gives the plan a 90% – 95% chance of success, so they're completely confident in their ability to take down the banks and return to the Gold Standard. They've been working on the logistics of it for 4 years now. They say it will definitely happen regardless of what any country does.

But that's not the biggest piece of information Fulford is missing. The Global Debt Facility has all of the gold that belongs to the nation's of the world. They were created in 1959, if I remember correctly, to protect the world's gold. They were trying to prevent big countries from raiding smaller countries just to steal their gold reserves.

They also have the bonds we purchased from the Federal Reserve Bank in 1933 when we went bankrupt. Those bonds are worth $2 quadrillion now. We don't owe the Fed a dime. The Federal Reserve Families and their assets are only worth $500 trillion, so they can't pay in full. That's why Trump signed into law that if anyone, worldwide, is a human trafficker or committing treason of any kind, we can legally seize all of their assets. He plans to take all of the banking families assets.

The Global Debt Facility says that when they make the transition to the Gold Standard, they're going to redistribute the gold back to each nation according to how much debt they have right now. Then they will have to decide what to do with their new found wealth.

Also, it's important to keep in mind that the amendments that brought in the Federal Reserve lending and the federal income tax to pay for it were never properly ratified and are therefore not legally binding. Some people actually withdraw from the United States of America Company Corporation which the Federal Reserve Bank created in 1925. If you have a birth certificate and a social security card, you're an “employee” of that company and are not due the same rights as an American citizen according to the Global Debt Facility. Each state is a corporation now, oddly enough. But that's getting slightly off subject. My point is that the federal income tax will likely cease the moment the Fed is removed. Our country used to get its tax money from purchases and from tariffs, among other things. That kept our economy very stable. That's why Trump has taken us back to a tariff trade system. And he's reworking deals so there's more money coming from China in trade deals than going out to them like there has been for the past several decades. We brought China up from their poverty big time because of the absurd trade policies of past administrations. That's all changing finally.

Gold, platinum, palladium, and silver are all heavily undervalued right now. Silver and platinum I think are the most undervalued, so if you want an epic payday, invest in those now and hold on to them for another 1 to 3 years until the financial reset. You'll be glad you did.

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