Babette Bensoussan: Commercial Intelligence Choke Points — Why Businesses Fail to Make Good Decisions?

5 Star, Commercial Intelligence, Intelligence (Commercial)

Business and Competitive Analysis: Definition, Context, and Benefits

with Craig S. Fleisher


Most organizations today are not structured or organized properly to make good decisions that will help them outperform their competition in the marketplace.12

It is commonplace for this book's authors to hear from decisions makers who lament in retrospect: “If only I'd known that, I'd never have made that decision or taken that action.” Such comments reflect an absence of intelligence supporting the decision maker and the lack of greater insight behind their decisions and subsequent actions.

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The #1 Guide to Modern Business and Competitive Analysis—Fully Updated with New Methods, Applications, and Examples!

To deliver powerful strategic support and competitive insights, analysts must draw upon a robust repertoire of conceptual methods, models, tools, and techniques—both old and new. This book will guide you every step of the way.

Craig S. Fleisher and Babette E. Bensoussan draw on decades of cutting-edge business and academic experience in strategic and competitive analysis. Their definitive, up-to-date “analyst’s manual” can help analysts at all levels deliver more actionable insights and higher-value decision support. They explain how each approach works, when and how to use them, what the tradeoffs are, and how to avoid common errors that compromise analytical quality. You’ll find sample worksheets, updated applications, and recommendations for complementary techniques.

Fully updated to meet the decision support and intelligence needs for today’s executives, this edition offers new and extended guidance on adding value through shaping context, supporting decisions, prioritizing scarce resources, forging stronger partnerships, and anticipating emerging challenges.

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