Election 2020: Week to 1 Dec 2019

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Sunday, 1 December 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. Mike Bloomberg can buy the Democratic nomination — count on it. Mike Bloomberg can also win the general election. If Trump's campaign does not embrace #UNRIG, a truth channel, and mount serious advances toward blacks, Latinos, women, young, and old as well as veterans, this could be a toss-up. Of course the President has enormous power to do good between now and Election Day. Jared Kushner remains a negative for the Presidency. If Durhan indictment emerge in the holiday period, an asset-backed currency and bottom-up economic stimulus, and perhaps a student debt jubilee are announced as “Christmas presents,” the President will close 2019 with bang. Otherwise expect little to happen until 15 January when everything starts moving again. Election is Trump's to lose, says BET Bob Johnson. Some believe that Deep State might crash the economy to bring Trump down but on balance he's a sure thing for re-election.

Budget Busters/Economy.  It just keeps getting better.  A correction is certain but unlikely before Election Day.

Candidates.  Bloomberg in. Warren nosedives.  Obama will trash Sanders. Biden comatose.  Butt… will not pass the anal smell test down the road. He has a Latino problem — and a black problem.  Blacks and Latinos do not like pedophilia and they do not like sodomy.  Neither do straight white folk from the heartland. Any questions? Harris collapses, her mediocrities flee to the Bloomberg campaign. Some thing Bloomberg has self-destructed from day one.


Down-Ticket Impact.

Election Reform/Electoral College.

Fake News/Election Interference.

Impeachment/Investigations.  Collapsing.  Censure as the fall-back. Some Republicans (Peggy Noonan, for example) have become totally stupid.

Issues.  Democrats = Deep State crystalizing — war war war.

Technology. Team Trump appears to be oblivious to both the crimes of BigTech (against 1st Amendment, 4th Amendment, and Title 7) and also unprepared for the massive national retraining program that will be required to adjust to the 4th Industrial Revolution.  There is a joint DoD-Labor solution from the Reagan era, but no one working for Trump knows it exists.

Voter Fraud/Ballot Fraud.

Zionist Influence on USA.


Big Picture.

Michael Bloomberg could indeed buy the Democratic primary

Here's why Bloomberg insists he's not crazy

Jared Kushner Fails Up, Again

The pallid princeling is now responsible for speeding construction of the border wall. In other words, a make-believe fixer will oversee a fairy-tale fix.

2020 US presidential election is Trump’s to lose, says BET founder Bob Johnson

Only 3 Ways To Stop Trump 2020

Budget Busters/Economy.

U.S. economy picks up in third-quarter; data surprise on the upside

U.S. Economy Revised Upward, Defying Expectations of a Slowdown, While Manufacturing Appears Poised to Resume Expansion


Bloomberg Officially Enters 2020 Presidential Race To “Defeat Trump And Rebuild America”

Warren nosedives in new nationwide poll

Obama privately said he would speak up to stop Sanders: report

Biden’s senior Latina adviser quits in frustration

Wikipedia / Gay Sexual Practices

Buttigieg has a serious Latino problem, too

Kamala Harris aide bolts to Bloomberg campaign

Bloomberg’s Train Wreck Campaign


Down-Ticket Impact.

Election Reform/Electoral College.

Fake News/Election Interference.


Democrats Getting ‘Cold Feet' As Impeachment Support Evaporates

The Trump impeachment hearing: whistle-blower blew up a non-story | Mulshine

Is Censure The Democrats' Escape Clause?

President Trump’s Defense, by Robert Gore

Impeachment as spectacle: To this point, it's stupid, dysfunctional and weird — like America!


Are Democrats Now The Party Of War?


The Fourth Industrial Revolution is redefining the economy as we know it

The Joint Defense-Labor Solution Reagan’s Partisans Rejected

“Building a Post Cold War Workforce for the 21st Century: Our Manpower Peace Deficit”

ON THE RECORD: Our Jobs Proposal, Centered on Veterans

Voter Fraud/Ballot Fraud.

Zionist Influence on USA.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT DAVID STEELE is the founder of #UNRIG: Unity through Integrity (Election Reform Act Proposed). A former spy for the CIA and the co-founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, he is  today the CeO of Earth Intelligence Network (501c3) and Open Source Everything, Inc. (C Corp). He focuses on Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) in the public interest, not to be found within the US Government; on election reform; and on elite pedophilia as the scourge that has allowed the Zionists, using tools such as , to subvert the Congress, Executive, Judiciary, and media of the USA. Avocationally he in interested in off-shore sailing, racketball, and reading — he is the top reviewer in English for non-fiction, with over 2,000+ reviews posted across 97 categories of non-fiction (1 of fiction). His life’s work is free online at https://robertdavidsteele.com.

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