Mongoose: Top Censored Stories in 2019

Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, Peace Intelligence


Phi Beta Iota: There are many good nominations on this list of 25.  Here are a few that are NOT “computing” by the house-broken students:

  1. True cost of war versus true profits of peace
  2. Deep State & Shadow government reality
  3. Prevalence of false flag operations across the US, many done by Zionists
  4. US election interference by Great Britain and Israel
  5. Congress and 27 state legislatures bribed and blackmailed by CIA, FBI, and Mossad
  6. Total collapse of US education, student debt and living at home, combined with endless wars have now destroyed not one but three generations
  7. Inevitability of full disclosure on extraterrestrial, free energy, scalar weapons

and so on.  Graphic from Medard Gabel below the fold.

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