Zero Hedge: Eco-Terrorist Zombie Retard Is a MOVIE — Planned, Staged, Fake in Every Respect From Day One

Cultural Intelligence

Lights, Camera, Greta! Teen Environmentalist's ‘Viral' Rise Has Been A Documentary This Whole Time

Fake star promoted by elite for globalist climate agenda. Filmed from day one, no expense spared to document the eco-terrorist zombie retard being exploited by her extremist parents.

Up against the wall, asshole! I am your leader!

Train Company To Get Dressing Down From German Authorities After Embarrassing Greta Thunberg

Traveling in first class, she is staged by professionals.  Fake, fake, fake.

WARNING NOTICE: Fucking Twitter says “retard” is not covered by the 1st Amendment, they will suspend (briefly) the account of anyone who posts anything with the word “retard” in it.  Fucking retards.

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