Stephen E. Arnold: Artificial Intlelligence Fakery and BigTech #GoogleGestapo Architecture of Surveillance

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Stephen E. Arnold

An Artificial Intelligence Doubter: Remarkable

The often cynical and always irreverent Piekniewski’s blog has posted another perspective of the AI field in, “AI Update, Late 2019 – Wizards of Oz.” AI and deep learning scholar Filip Piekniewski has made a habit of issuing take-downs of AI propaganda, and this time he takes aim at self-driving cars, OpenAI, Microsoft’s DeepMind, and more. He writes:  read more.

Belated Recognition: Barn Burned, Intelligence Costco Operating

Amnesty International has described the “Architecture of Surveillance.” Quick out of the gate? Concerns about privacy and the ways in which large tech companies use and profit off user data have been more and more in the news lately. A recent report by Amnesty International goes so far as to say Facebook and Google, in particular, maintain a “surveillance-based business model.” Common Dreams discusses the report in its article, “Unprecedented ‘Architecture of Surveillance’ Created by Facebook and Google Poses Grave Human Rights Threat: Report.” Writer Andrea Germanos summarizes: read more.

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