Zero Hedge: Enemies of the USA Know Who You Are Visiting, Where You Are, 24/7 (Robert Steele Comments)

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Alarming NYT Op-Ed Reveals “Disturbing” Secretive Surveillance State Powered By Your Phone's Location Services

ROBERT STEELE: The NYT is not going to publish the letter I wrote about their Amazon piece so I am providing it below, and then a longer commentary about the public interest possibilitiees that could emerge from  the above article by Stuart Thompson and Charlie Warzel of The New York Times.


I am the former CIA spy who co-founded CIA's Artificial Intelligence Staff and also co-founded the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, who inspired Amazon with a 2007 briefing, “Amazon as the Hub of the World Brain” easily viewed online in both movie and graphic form at I am intimately familiar with the hidden architecture of Amazon that now makes it central to mass surveillance and socio-economic manipulation. The patents they filed in 2008 and onwards can be correlated to my presentation.

Your story “Prime Leverage” is 100% on the money. Amazon has eclipsed IBM, Microsoft and Google, and done so in the aftermath of my 2007 briefing by leveraging billions of dollars in secret, defense, and law enforcement money to create the mother of all databases, something the US Government has never been able to do (and the core point of the 2007 briefing).

Amazon is now ready to displace the secret intelligence community with a clever mix of “open” mass surveillance devices including always-on Alexa, doorbells that spy on neighbors, and delivery drones that can be used by police for special surveillance missions on demand. There is a great deal to love about Amazon — its Kindle and CreateSpace offerings are extraordinary — but on balance, Amazon appears to be ethically challenged in how it gobbles up both normal businesses (Netflix) and open source offerings (Elastic). The US Government is incapable of regulating Amazon at this time and seems unaware that Amazon appears to be cross-correlating across data stovepipes without customer knowledge — the idea of “synthetic knowledge” that is pure profit is one I gave Amazon in 2007. Violating customer agreements mandating secure exclusive access to their data is not something I approve of.

Amazon ignored the most important points in my briefing: the value to the individual citizen of an ethical world brain, and the importance of using its powers to enhance democracy rather than undermine it.

I applaud your story and hope you will continue to scrutinize Amazon. I am a son of New York and will be in New York for the holidays should anyone wish to talk more deeply about the future of American intelligence with or without integrity.

Robert David Steele
Chief Enabling Officer (CeO)
Earth Intelligence Network


In took the NYT 25 years to get to this story. That failure needs to sit quietly to the side as you consider my remaining comments.

My understanding is that the totality of cell phone locational data is the primary input to NSA's Treasuremap program, whose objective is to know where every device in the world is every minute of the day.

This means that NSA has been in a constant state of treason since achieving this capability, because it means that all traitors, all elite pedophiles, all white collar criminals, and all black collar criminals, have been “let go” — willfully and with malice aforethought because NSA is not doing all that it can to eradicate corruption and crime in the USA, particularly among the 1%. That is of course exactly what past Presidents — themselves criminals — and Congress — 95% criminal — have wanted: assured impunity.

From an intelligence view up front, NSA's three biggest problems are that they only process 1% of what they collect; the do not give a shit about taking down traitors, white collar criminals, and elite pedophiles, very simple to do with their capabilities mapping everything; and they do not provide direct support to clandestine operations overseas or domestic counterintelligence operations at home (other than access which the FBI abuses regularly to do parallel construction, at the same time that everyone with access follows their ex or stalks their next love target).

In 1986 CIA built the Artificial Intelligence Staff around me, most people don't know that because I was a clandestine operations officer by order of Bill Casey on rotation with a primary objective of bringing the clandestine service into the 21st century with smart maps, expert systems to identify Soviet officers under cover and more. I met Vint Cerf in 1992 as part of my explorations. When Bill Casey died I was executed by the DO and lucky to be recalled to the USMC to create their new intelligence center, where I founded the modern discipline of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).

In 1994 I wrote the original warning letter to the White House (via their action officer for the Internet, co-signed by an NSA computer security engineer who had to be anonymous at the time, Winn Schwartau, and Bill Caelli.

Today there are at least three kinds of compromise: data integrity (that includes censorship-deplatforming as well as framing people to silence them); locational privacy which in my view is certainly a constant violation of the 4th Amendment, and cross-correlation (what Amazon is doing, without the knowledge of its customers providing stovepipes of data they foolishly think are exclusive to them).

The worst sin of both the secret intelligence community and Amazon which, like Google and Facebook and others they have seeded, is that the focus is on police state monitoring (what Admiral Poindexter called “total information awareness” for the state, NOT on empowering the public to create an informed engaged citizenry that can create a a prosperous world at peace, which was the whole point of my briefings to Department of State in 2004 and Amazon in 2007.

This article by Thompson and Warzel is HUGE. It should also be of Presidential interest. I pray every day that  Mike Flynn might come back as Director of National Intelligence after exoneration or pardon. He is fully familiar with all that I and Bill Bnney and Steve Arnold know that we have tried but failed to deliver to the President because of obstacles such as Mike Pompeo who would rather conspire with enemies of America than do the right thing.

Amazon Page

We need to execute a reduction of the secret world by up to 70% while creating an Open Source Agency which CIA has fought me on for 30 years despite OMB approval twice at $2B a year. For the big picture, order my new book, REINVENTING INTELLIGENCE: 30 years in the Wilderness.

Thompson and Warzel are potentially the modern ethical counterparts to Woodward and Chump, both of whom were controlled assets and part of Al Haig's coup against President Richard Nixon.  I hope Thompson and Warzel are not being played by CIA in another attack against NSA (which is what I believe Snowden was), and that the NYT will protect them from what are inevitable blackmail calls from NSA to their senior leaders. In this day and age, even the pure can be blackmailed with fake videos and audios, the Israelis have been doing it to NSA for years with the “talking rocks” simulating Libyan support for terrorism and more recently, Syrian Army officers calling for “more Sarin gas.”

Thompson and Warzel have touched the Holy Grail of modern journalism.

This is not just about NSA, this is about Amazon, Facebook, Google, MeetUp, Twitter, YouTube, and every Wall Street computer manipulating currency and exchange rates and stock prices while planning an economic crash similar to what Wall Street did — with Presidential complicity — to create the Great Depression (my review of The Fruits of Graft is a preview of what is planned).

Thompson and  have picked up and looked under a massive ROCK and have the perfect entry point toward a book that could be both a #1 best seller and a major positive force in putting enslavement technology back in the box….and of course a series of articles and a documentary mopvie.  The book could end, with a roadmap for Web 3.0 and the 2nd American Revolution that Cynthia McKinney and I and others have talked about at length, beyond Trump & Sanders and Bloomberg (who could win), in which we take down the two party tyranny that is half the Shadow Government fronting for the Deep State, and restore integrity to our Republic at all levels — national, state, local.

Am reading Bernard Stiegler's The Age of Distruption: Technology and Madness in Computational Captialism over the holidays, his primary focus is on the moral and economic and intellectual opportunity cost of displacing and disrespecting humans, who create economic value that is tangible and sustainable, with machines that eat humans.

Amazon and NSA and the  other #GoogleGestapo (BigTech) companies eat humans. They eat souls, they eat minds, they eat bodies.

Something most do not know about me is that in addition to being a top performing former spy (five times the regional average in recruitments and production) and multiple graduate degrees, I am also the top non-fiction reviewer in the English language, with over 2,000 published reviews across 97 non-fiction categories and fiction for 98 total. See my lecture that has become popular as three YouTube videos, online, and also all of my reviews in the form of lists including cyber, also online.

My non-fiction reading — including readings on conscisousness as well as God and religion, provides me — and those who chose to access my work — with a larger context no longer offered by churches, government, the media, or schools. The one article is, in my view, a starting point for the technical side of the Second American Revolution that restores election, governance, and intelligence integrity. St.

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