Mongoose: Amazon Speed Bump — Honey by PayPal

Commercial Intelligence


Your beginner’s guide to Honey, the anti-Amazon shopping extension


If there’s a better price, we’ll find it

Phi Beta Iota: Amazon extorts 40-50% from sellers, this means that sellers can afford to give PayPal/Honey 5-10%, and still sell for up to 40% below Amazon. Now if PayPal would develop the true cost, Made in the USA, not Koch database, this would essentially bury Amazon. If not PayPal, then Tencent. Web 3.0 begins….next up: burying #GoogleGestapo.  HOWEVER, see below.

Alert Reader comments:

I am not sure there are any companies able to crush Amazon. The reason is that “habits, like a soft bed, are easy to fall into, and hard to get out of.” Amazon has locked shopping. Even if WalMart kills Amazon shopping, there’s the AWS thing. If Microsoft kills AWS, there the Amazon warehouse and fulfillment business. Amazon has been more successful than Google
in diversifying its revenue streams. Amazon will die and lose traction because that’s the life cycle of companies. But a bunker buster to eliminate the
Bezos bulldozer, that I do not see, and certainly not in Honey alone.

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