Penguin: The Agony and the Ecstasy of Open Phone

Hardware, Software

A good primer on how hard it can be to create an end to end open source ecology.

Librem 5 phone hands-on—Open source phone shows the cost of being different

It’s not finished, but many of the basics for an open source smartphone are here.

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ROBERT STEELE: This is a great short overview of the challenges of open source everything — which is why I believe that Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) needs to be a national “Manhattan Project” type commitment.  My latest book attempts to put in one place all that I have written to that end, less the Presidential Memorandum, which is in the previous book.

Book 3: REINVENTING ENGINEERING: The Ultimate Hack — Creating a Prosperous World at Peace with Open Source Everything

Book 2: REINVENTING INTELLIGENCE: 30 Years in the Wilderness

Book 1: REINVENTING NATIONAL SECURITY: Grand Strategy, Global Reality, and the U.S. Army — Everything Our President Is Not Being Told


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