Sara Carter: Flynn’s Defense Files Motion Saying His Former Legal Team ‘Betrayed Him’

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Sara Carter

Flynn’s Defense Files Motion Saying His Former Legal Team ‘Betrayed Him’

Powell noted in Wednesday’s motion that Flynn’s former defense team at Covington & Burling, a well known Washington D.C. law firm, failed to inform Flynn that their lawyers had made “some initial errors or statements that were misunderstood in the FARA registration process and filings.” She also reaffirmed her position in the motion that government prosecutors are continuing to withhold exculpatory information that would benefit Flynn.

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ROBERT STEELE: Sara, a brilliant journalist with higher ethics than most, has the best case scenario wrong. The best case is that the government drops all charges and apologizes publicly for entraping and defaming General Flynn, who would then be free to return to public service, if not as the restored National Security Advisor, then as  the Director of National Intelligence. The good guys are winning.

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