Stephen E. Arnold: Amazon 2020 Off to Rough Start

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Stephen E. Arnold

Amazon: 2020 Begins with Problems Penetrating the Company Membrane

But this Amagenic event [Bezos phone hacked] is just one of a string of digital and real life viruses penetrating the juggernaut. Others  include:

  • An increasing tension between Amazon and Facebook. The vector of attack allegedly was WhatsApp.
  • Amazon faces employees going public with information about alleged climate-hostile policies and actions. (Details are at this link.)
  • Amazon workers are grousing about their work. An interesting example is the alleged Amazon truck driver who had to drive for 30 hours. (Allegation is summarized here.)
  • Amazon is working hard to block Microsoft from beginning work on the $10 billion JEDI project. Did Amazon hire Department of Defense professionals in order to get an inside edge? Good question.
  • Some US elected officials want an anti trust investigation of the company. (Some additional information is at this link.)
  • Google and Microsoft poaching some Twitch stars.

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Phi Beta Iota: Amazon will also be caught up in the 1st Amendment / Title 7 RICO investigation that will piggy back on the anti-trust investigation.

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