DefDog: Ground Intelligence on Bernie Sanders and His Bolshevik Fanatics — If Trump is Complacent He Could Lose!

Cultural Intelligence

Bernie Sanders was in San Antonio last night (very little publicity) at a rally about two miles from my house. It had 12,000 folks show up (Biden had about 10,000 when he was in town with the support of the Democrat Party). An individual, who is a strong Trump supporter attended to observe what is going on…..his thoughts:

The folks who showed up were “fanatical”, they would not have heard anything but what Bernie had to say

The folks who showed up are looking for “free” as in everything

The folks who showed up are not just young college types, but a wide range of ages (although they were clearly from the lower economic quadrant)

There were a number of folks he knew were college profs…..

His bottom line, Watch out for the Fanatics, Bernie has a stronger support base than the media knows because these folks do not participate in media hype.

My thoughts – a page out of the Bolshevik Revolution.

Phi Beta Iota: In combination with electronic election fraud, if Team Trump is complacent and fails to both mobilize the base and engage blacks particularly but Libertarians and Independents and Greens and #WalkAways specifically, he could lose. Election 2020 is going to be an epic battle for the future of the USA, between a very large very stupid mob that wants free everything, and real people who know the value of faith, family, community, and country. The mob is large. They cannot be under-estimated.


Tim Scott says Sanders is the Democrat who poses biggest threat to Trump

“Bernie Sanders is doing something in 2020 that he could not do in 2016, which is getting African Americans and Hispanic voters to take a second look at his campaign,” he said. “I think perhaps a primary reason is health care. If you look at what stands out the most in his campaign is he is undeniable a socialist, but he is strong and clear and competent on the issues he supports and the issue of health care is a big issue in the African-American community and I think it is the issue for why he ended up with 51% of the Hispanic vote in Nevada.”  Tim Scott

Tim Scott says Sanders is the Democrat who poses biggest threat to Trump

The Bolshevik revolution is here: David Kupelian on what the ascendancy of Bernie Sanders signifies for America

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