Mongoose: Is Angela Merkel the Agent and Is Webasto the Root Super-Spreader from 11 September 2019 — a 9/11 Anniversary — When She Visited Wuhan to Open the Factory and Kick off the BioWar on China?

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Alert Reader intimately familiar with Germany suggests that Angela Merkel is the Zionist agent, and Webasto's new factory in Wuhan, which Merkel visited on 11 September 2019,  the super-spreader source, together starting the biowar against China on that date.

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Alert Reader says:

I do not believe in coincidences. This appears to be connected to what you call the Zionist MEGA Group in the USA that funded 9/11 and Jeffrey Epstein.

01 Webasto in Wuhan, Merkel visits on 11 September 2019

Angela Merkel opens new Webasto China plant

02 Webasto was the first reported infection outside China.

Germany's first coronavirus case is human-to-human transmission

It is possible the Chinese man was just a patsy, and the infection was contrived against an unwitting employee by Zionist agents within Webasto in Germany.

After Cases of Illness with Coronavirus: Webasto Extends Home Office Regulation for Staff at Company Headquarters

03 Merkel is a Zionist — a crypto Jew who speaks Hebrew — and a former agent of the GDR

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ‘spectacular’ Jewish legacy

Merkel: Shoah binds Germany and Israel forever

04 Merkel was put into power by the Zionist MEGA Group in the USA, Bronfman particularly.  Kohl was blackmailed, with one major murder.

From the archives: Key W. German Banker Killed in Car Bombing

The Scandal that Helped Merkel Become Chancellor

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