Election 2020: Week to 2 February 2020

Cultural Intelligence

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Praise Be to God!

Big Picture.  Healthcare, national security, guns, and education are top issues, followed by economy (which bodes well for Trump, if it were #1 he would be in trouble). The insanity continues with the impeachment trial but nobody is watching. Not only will Trump be aquitted, but we anticipate an immediate federal filing for defamation against Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, the Yale shrink (who could lose her license), CNN, MSNBC, and a few others. Media “coverage” of the political scene remains mediocre. 22 Republican incumbents retiring from House — this will either help reshape the Republican Party or be the opening Independents and Libertarians and Greens have been waiting for.

DNC In Disarray After Chairman’s Secret Golden Parachute Revealed

Democrat Congressional Committee Demands Google Bury “Climate Misinformation”

Impeachment’s Biggest Absurdity: Our Toxic Fixation On Useless And Corrupting Ukraine Aid

Are Virginia Politicians Really So Fragile They’d Pass A Bill Making It Illegal To Criticize Them?

Pseudo-Psychiatrist “Diagnoses” Trump Supporters With Mental Disorders

No One Is Above The Law? Hillary Clinton Refuses To Be Served Tulsi Gabbard Lawsuit

Jared Kushner: Palestinians Have Never Done Anything Right in Their Sad, Pathetic Lives

Several Issues Tie as Most Important in 2020 Election

Nine months before Election Day, three dozen House members heading for the exits

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