Stephen E. Arnold: Amazon AI, Non-Transfer, & Future Cross-Correlation Issues

Commercial Intelligence, IO Impotency
Stephen E. Arnold

AWS AI Improves Its Accuracy According to Amazon

An interesting bit of jargon creeps into “On Benchmark Data Set, Question-Answering System Halves Error Rate.” That word is “transfer.” Amazon, it seems, is trying to figure out how to reuse data, threshold settings, and workflow outputs.

Think about IBM’s DeepBlue defeat of Gary Kasparov in 1996 or the IBM Watson thing allegedly defeating Ken Jenkins in 2011 without any help from post production or judicious video editing. Two IBM systems and zero “transfer” or more in more Ivory Towerish jargon “transference.”

Humans learn via transfer. Artificial intelligence, despite the marketer assurances, don’t transfer very well. One painful and expensive fact of life which many venture funding outfits ignore is that most AI innovations start from ground zero for each new application of a particular AI technology mash up.

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