Robert Steele: FAKE PANDEMIC It’s OVER! [President is Correct — This is the New Hoax aka False Flag.]

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20200309: President Trump is going to kick some serious ass very soon. He is aware of the bio-drops and the 5G modulations.

My original article in mid-February is here:

Robert Steele in Tehran Times: Interview A Counterintelligence Perspective on the Wuhan Virus – A Zionist Bio-War False Flag Attack?

VIDEO (6:26): George Carlin on Germs and Pussies – A Tale of America Past and Present

See the history below.

Robert Steele: Two Letters Documenting What the US Government Knew on 3 February 2020 About the Virus, Medical Malpractice, and Media Censorship

Robert Steele: World Health Organization Lies, Weaponized Against the Public – Should USA Leave WHO? Fake Pandemic But Real Threat . .

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD on Fake Pandemic #coronavirus #falseflag @POTUS

Robert Steele: Weak Signal Trump is a Genius, Corona Cover Up for Massive Military Takedown of the Deep State

Robert Steele: Coronavirus (and 5G) are a Counterintelligence Challenge — Has President Given the Orders? UPDATE: Ben Fulford Says Yes…

DOC (3 Pages):  UNRIG PM Brief on Virus-5G 1.2

20200228: Trump says the coronavirus is the Democrats’ ‘new hoax’

Italian Governor Zaia from the Veneto region said:

“80% of all sick people heal by themselves, 15% need medication and 5% need to have hospital attention.  All 17 people who died already, had advanced health issues.  No healthy person who caught the coronavirus has died.  It’s an alarm with no foundation.  In the beginning they reacted the way they did because they didn’t have any real information about the virus.  But after seeing what it is, the information is too exaggerated.”


Vitamin C and Oxygen therapy are showing results.

Hoax (Malicious Deception) = False Flag. Full details below.

The Bill Gates Reality Show

A dog in Hong Kong tests positive for the coronavirus, WHO officials confirm

Hats off to the below video, substitute “planned” for “predict” and you have it.


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28 FEB 2020

ROBERT STEELE: China is back; the fake pandemic is over. Twelve different general managers in China have confirmed that all workers have returned after the normal Chinese New Year's prolonged break, and factories are resuming production.

Most of the scary news including grossly exaggerated accounts of Chinese city lock-downs, mass quarentines, 24/7 crematoriums (a Zionist favorite), and screaming women being put in cages while “Chinese intelligence officers” “leak” “secrets” in perfect Oxford English — all Deep Fakes. This has confused CIA, which proved worthless, not having a serious clandestine presence in China, and never having bothered to develop an overt HUMINT presence across China that could be legally polled remotely.

All cases outside China, less London, are correlated with 5G implementations.

The cruse ships are mostly unmodulated satellite radiation sickness that I hope will see a massive class action lawsuit against satellite operators, Internet Service Providers, and cruise lines. The flu threat is hyped.

Alert Reader forcefully reminds me that this was in all probability a Bill Gates wargame in collusion with elements from Israel, France, and Germany as well as the US and UK to force the issue of his universal vaccine with digital ID built in. The negative impact on China and Trump as well as the insider trading were added benefits, the main objective was to “justify” a global mandatory vaccine.

As best I can tell, the New Zealand false flag event taught the Deep State that it had to be aggressive at not just squelching Alternative Media, but at manufacturing Deep Fake yellow journalism at a 21st Century level of digital hype, with Deep Fake multi-media and Chinese crisis actors (most outside of China, Taiwan may well have a studio set up for this).

The crisis is OVER and China is BACK.

As I correctly stated in my first article on this matter, China was killed by malicious defamation by Western media, no doubt incentivized and guided by  the City of London and Wall Street whose insider trading and profit taking will be easily discovered if Bill Binney's Thin Thread is applied to all transactions gong back to 4 July 2019.

The criminality of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) cannot be over-stated. The lies they are telling the President, — including lies of omission — and the profiteering (private) and budget-building) public are crimes against We the People. At some point a Special Prosecutor will be required to take the combination of public and private rogues who played a part in this massive biological, electromagnetic, and information warfare attack on China, the global economy, and President Dona;d Trump's re-election.

Jon Rappoport

There is no vaccine for radiation sickness.  Nor is there a cure for stupid.

Jon Rappoport continues to excel as both documenting the criminality of the CDC and its Deep State partners in crime, and the outright falseness of the entire coronavirus global fear-mongering campaign, 21st century propaganda.

There is no virus  threat.  Lies are the  threat.

How to stage a fake epidemic (and brainwash billions of people)

We must of course face the possibilities that the Deep State will ramp up 5G and also introduce biological viruses manually to keep t he fear alive. At this point public education = public health but the White House is not leading with the truth, possibly because it had not been told the truth.

Click for Freee POTUS Memos

Vice President Pence will fail catastrophically as he is jerked around by liars, and this could open the way for President Trump to graciously ease the Vice President into retirement.  I continue to believe that Dr. Cynthia McKinney is the ideal unity ticket VP, with the added advantage of being fully witting of Mike Bloomberg's role in covering up 9/11, which was an inside job enabled by Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, James Comey, and select leaders of the States of New York and New Jersey as well as the Port Authority of NY and NJ.

America is headed for a values-based, truth revolution in 2020. The time to purge the US Government of all liars — starting  with the CDC run by the sister of alleged traitor Rosenstein, and the US intelligence community as well as the FBI and Department of Justice particularly — has come.

God Bless America — and God Bless our President.


POSTSCRIPT: as we turn to other matters, below links offered in passing.

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Anthony Hall: Part 6. The Wuhan Coronavirus Epidemic and Conspiracy Theories – Life Sciences or Death Sciences?

27 FEB 2020

Alert Reader in France observes possible role for known Zionist couple, perhaps also “Lee Harvey Oswalds” with the Harvard professor — setting the Chinese up for a future catastrophic failure contrived by Deep State elements. Freemasons need to be investigated at all points on this narrative. Alert Reader observes:

Agnes Buzin quited 2 weeks ago her health secretary position to become to candidate for Paris election for macron's party. because of some sexual misconduct of the previous candidate. how convenient ! This charming lady made compulsary 10 vaccines on babies right after she arrived in office.

Tweet: Yves Levy, husband of Agnès Buzyn, HIV specialist and ex-CEO of Inserm, inauguration of the P4 lab in Wuhan in 2017 designed on the P4 model Inserm Jean-Mérieux in Lyon, and potential similarities between HIV and #coronavirus

New Signal: US has failed to pay its bills with China, and this entire fake global epidemic is a US attack on China.  We don't believe this but the story is out there.

Stronger signals: no one has actually died in China beyond a few older people whose immune systems were totalled.  A telephone survey of twelve factory general managers has said that not only is everyone back at work, but no one has died. Everyone spoken to believes this was a massive act of war against China  that was mostly carried out by controlled Western media.

Weak signals: two viruses, one as “cover” for a pandemic, the second intended to kill tens of millions of Chinese? We are skeptical but it is being floated. ET dimension? Again, we are skeptical but it is being floated.


NEW 26 FEB 2020

Anna von Reitz: Oxygen Therapy Kills both Coronavirus and 5G Satellite Microwave Radiation Sickness

NEW 25 FEB 2020

The Guardian: Coronavirus: US says Russia behind disinformation campaign

Politico: Trump faces ‘black swan’ threat to the economy and reelection

PBI: This may be disinformation from the USA. There is a clear public view that the official Western narrative is a multi-layered lie. The truth-teller is to be found between the reality that the virus is less fatal than SARS;  that 5G is clearly a major factor; that foreign actors including Israel and Germany may have played a role in deliberately launching the virus in China and then in other locations; and that the Western media has from day one been waging a media war, an information war, that appears designed to break the Chinese economy and in passing harm the US economy and perhaps derail President Donald Trump's reelection.

Mongoose: Is Angela Merkel the Agent and Is Webasto the Root Super-Spreader from 11 September 2019 — a 9/11 Anniversary — When She Visited Wuhan to Open the Factory and Kick off the BioWar on China?

If CDC Believes US Coronavirus Outbreak Is “Imminent”, Why Have Only 400 People Been Tested?

PBI: Answer – they know this is all fake, no vaccine for radiation sickness.


State of the Nation: The Wuhan Virus Is A Genocidal Slow Mo 911

NEW 24 FEB 2020

Best New Video:

Phi Beta Iota: The virus is not as bad as everyone is making out. At the same time, China, the USA, and all other countries less Russia are avoiding the obvious: radiation sickness. Until 5G / microwave radiation sickness and immunity reduction are factored in, the threat to humans cannot be dealt with effectively. Co-locating those with radiation sickness in the same facility with those who have the biological virus is a particularly bad move. A couple of fools are now spreading the meme that this is  Russia attacking China. Not likely.  Not is it likely USA attacked China.  This was was a Deep State move with Gates, Soros, Zionists, Knights of Malta, and others all together — a JFK or 9/11 against China, Zionists in the mix but not alone.  We say it again: this is a Deep State play combining media-attack, bio-attack, 5G/satellite microwave attack, with the objective of crashing the market (for 1% profit), moving big money into vaccines, and ultimately forcing legislation that mandates the vaccine with digital ID that Gates has been developing.  At some point Gates and the CDC need to be put under deep counterintelligence scrutiny.

Note: engineers are now mapping 5G test sites and correlating them with alleged outbreaks of the corona virus.  They are proving our point.  5G is “Patient Zero” in most cases.

Benjamin Fulford: Bill Gates surrenders to the Chinese as secret war rages on

Yoda: Global 5G Map Correlates to Most “Virus” Cases

Worth a Look: 5G Satellite Cruise Ship Kill Alternative Media Mandate Vaccines with Digital ID Deep State False Flag Attack on China (and USA)

It’s not the coronavirus that’s the biggest threat to the global economy, it’s the potential of a massive market selloff

Biogenetic Weapon Catastrophe. Intel sources: «Virus spread by CIA with nano-Uav» as Cyber-DragonflEye

Covid-19 virus a Deep State disruptive attack?

New Chinese study indicates novel coronavirus did not originate in Huanan seafood market

No Link Between Harvard Scientist Charles Lieber and Coronavirus

Recommended by Alert Reader, we have not watched this. Control and depopulation angles assumed.

NEW 23 FEB 2020

ROBERT STEELE: The virus continued to be hyped, 5G aspect covered up, and evidently there is now a frantic effort to blame the Chinese for what was in my view a clear biowar attack by the Zionist-Anglo-American neoconservative rogues (which is to say, not an attack by the official government of the USA — we are waiting on new information about a Knights of Malta role). I continue to recommend a joint Chinese-USA investigation led by BGen Stuart Herrington (to be promoted from Colonel) and starting with a very deep interrogation, using all possible methods including drugs, of the Jewish Harvard professor — along with a complete joint inspection of the facility built with the help of the Jewish Harvard professor, who may have installed some trap doors for Zionist use when and if — I am assuming the professor was not privy to the planned biowar attack on China. I continue to be outraged by the information war being waged against China by the Western media in probable collusion with CIA, MI-6, City of London, Wall Street, and of course Bil Gates and George Soros. The entire matter is being over-stated, President Trump is correct to say it will be winding down by April, the real question now is this: who, if anyone, will hold to justice those who arranged for this triple whammy wrecking the Chinese economy and the global supply chains dependent on China, for insider trading and profit-taking advantage? New today is the increased obviousness of targeted 5G to create a radiation sickness look-alie to corona virus, in this case in Italy with no one remotely connected to China.  Milan will be the next urban area to be “infected” and then shut down. No one will dare to think of the obvious: shut down 5G and measure the satellites.

Mongoose: Alert Reader on Coronavirus, 5G, Doctors Dying, Bill Gates, Population Culling

Coronavirus is Biowar! VT's Kevin Barrett Interviews Jeff Brown

A dozen towns in northern Italy are locked down after coronavirus deaths

Logistical and Technical Exploration into the Origins of the Wuhan Strain of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

VIDEO Especially 12:30: Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) (Covid-19) — Special Weekend Edition? — J.C. on a bike! (#0045)

Transcript and Sources for Above Video

Here is Greg Hunter's best effort, which I respect, it is consistent with the orthodox understanding of the matter and I believe wrong on several counts.  No mention of biowwar, 5G, satellite microwave, lowered  immunity, EM induction of bio effects, Zionists, Knights of Malta, Freemasons, crisis actors.

NEW 22 FEB 2020

Pepe Escobar: No Weapon Left Behind: The American Hybrid War on China

Mongoose: Are Crisis Actors and Freemasons Emergent in the Attack on China and the Global Economy?

Phi Beta Iota: It is highly unlikely that the USA staged the combination of the biowar lab set up by a Jewish Professor at Harvard and the completely separate release of biowar pathogens at multiple points in Wuhan. The virus is now connected to the Zionist biowar facility in southern Libya. This was a triple whammy: biowarfare; ramped up 5G satellite warfare; and information warfare, with insider trading using advance knowledge as the pay-off. We note with interest that specific “crisis actors,” particularly in relation to cruise ships, are now being identified. They may be self-selected publicity fools. The Freemason connection is emergent.

See Also:

Charles Hugh Smith: Coronavirus and the Global Economy — All Posts to Date

Exopolitics (Dr. Michael Salla): Is  the Coronavirus Linked to China's Rollout of 5G & Biowarfare?

Buzzfeed on Hoax Videos (But Alternative Truthful Videos Ignored)

NEW 21 FEB 2020

Mongoose: Alert Reader Proposes a Petri Dish All Causes Explanation for the Wuhan Coronavirus 5G ELF Aspirin Government Mismanagement

Waking Times: Coronavirus 5G Connections & Coverup – Includes Table of 5G Radiation Sickness Symptoms

VIDEO (7:18) Man Who Works On 5G Towers Exposes The Dangers To Come

Dr. Eric Berg DC, VIDEOS Lessons from the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 and The Corona Virus in Context

NEW 20 FEB 2020

The official narrative is unraveling. Radiation sickness will continue to be covered up but the cruise ships are the weak link and I expect the passengers — and hungry lawyers — to figure out they are sitting on a billion dollar class action lawsuit against both the cruise lines  and all the Internet service providers and satellite operators. The Zionists are starting to spread cover stories and the WHO is whining.  All is right with the world,

Johns Hopkins: Radiation Sickness Presents as Flu

Neurasthenia (Burn Out) Definition — not emotional, from radiation!

Anna von Reitz: Bayer Aspirin as a Culprit in Wuhan China Crisis?

10 Very Important Questions That The Mainstream Media Should Be Asking About This Coronavirus Outbreak

Zionist Bullshit: Cyber Attack result is Coronavirus outbreak

Note: there ARE countermeasures but we are reluctant to recommend any them. Buyer beware and all that.  Here are three,  the first one we know and trust the offerers.

5GBioShield   .   Komucha Tea   .    GR8 Solutions


NEW 19 FEB 2020

Evidence is now mounting that most of the cases alleged to be corona virus are not — they are something else, perhaps not all radiation sickness but most radiation sickness, particularly on the cruise ships.

DefDog: Ground 5G + Satellite 5G + Satellite Dish 5G + Satellite Jamming = Radiation Sickness Disaster

WHO is now attacking Robert Steele directly. 5G comes in both weaponized and non-weaponized form, and is just the tip of the radiation microwave satellite satellite dish ecology of electromagnetic pollution whose sources can also be modulated (made more dangerous) or individually targeted.

Here is a special shout-out to my well-intentioned ignorant friends at WHO:

In 2002, Gro Harlem Brundtland, then head of the World Health Organization, told a Norwegian journalist that cell phones were banned from her office in Geneva because she personally becomes ill if a cell phone is brought within about four meters (13 feet) of her. Mrs. Brundtland is a medical doctor and former Prime Minister of Norway. This sensational news, published March 9, 2002 in Dagbladet, was ignored by every other newspaper in the world. The following week Michael Repacholi, her subordinate in charge of the International EMF (electromagnetic field) Project, responded with a public statement belittling his boss’s concerns. Five months later, for reasons that many suspect were related to these circumstances, Mrs. Brundtland announced she would step down from her leadership post at the WHO after just one term.

Arthur Firstenberg, The Largest Biological Experiment Ever

One Alert Reader in Europe has suggested a blended causation, with the biowar attack intended to go long, that failed, 5G / microwave option was changed from lowered immunity calibration to active weapons mode in order to maintain the intended momentum. Something more than bio is going on in China (and on cruise ships, which are easy targets for electromagnetic weapons testing).

‘I smell a rat here': British couple quarantined on cruise ship claim their coronavirus diagnosis ‘might not be true'

CAUTION: Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by Johns Hopkins CSSE

Chinese SARS expert predicts coronavirus outbreak will end in April

Coronavirus expert says he knows when the virus ‘will burn itself out,' according to leaked analysis

Another Alert Reader thinks Chinese may have created corona virus as a cover-up for a massive 5G/radiation sickness epidemic that needed to be explained.

The official announcement of planned 2020 5G rollout in Wuhan.

They had to call the physical reaction to 5G radiation something other than what it was: 5g radiation poisoning.

Of uncertain but interesting provenance (one ET-sympathetic version):

Endtime Madness Update

The situation in China is clearly being exaggerated by Western media and Western political officials, all of whom should be held accountable in the next election cycle — and by intelligence agencies who don't actually know, so  they are going with worst case lies to Presidents and Prime Ministers.

Breaking but not verified: the actual biological virus may have come from the Zionist biowar facility in Libya, and is completely separate from the samples stolen from Canada and delivered to China's biowar facility in Wuhan.

The definitive summary of this matter, as a starting point, not a conclusion, remains:

Interview: A Counterintelligence Perspective on the Wuhan Virus – A Zionist Bio-War False Flag Attack?

The truth will emerge over the next few months, Praise be to God.

NEW 18 FEB 2020

SUMMARY: The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life by Arthur Firstenberg

BOOK: The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life by Arthur Firstenberg

China’s new antenna is five times the size of New York City, but some fear it could be a cancer risk

MedallionNet™ The Best Wi-Fi at Sea

SES broadband for Dream Cruises

VIDEO: Coronavirus The Shocking Truth 5G Interview with David DuByne and Mark Steele

Jon Rappoport: CDC Begins Testing for Something It Has No Clue About — Coronavirus or Radiation Sickness?

NEW 17 FEB 2020

Coming soon, text, graphics, and video on cruise lines all being 5G radiation sickness, how they are covering that fact up is astounding.

NEW 16 FEB 2020 PM

Cliff High Calls It the Anticipated “Sun Disease” with Asian Genetic Downside

Jim Stone Is Certain the Chinese are Committing Genocide

Emails say that Good ETs are keeping virus from going super bad.

Robert says: cruise ships are 5G/microwave no one wants to admit this.

NEW 16 FEB 2020 NOON

State of the Nation: Is Coronavirus Designed to Cut Off Your Balls? Research Shows It Impacts Most on Testicles

Millennium Report: Corona Virus International Conspiracy

NEW 16 FEB 2020 AM

SPECIAL: Berto Jongman Flags Laurie Garrett on China Wuhan Virus & Global Challenges

Millennium Report: Staged Coronavirus – An International Criminal Conspiracy of Epic Proportions

Amazon Kindle: China Wuhan Coronavirus: Counterintelligence Appraisal – A Zionist Bio-War False Flag Attack? (Trump Revolution Book 49)

Mongoose: FBI Affidavit Against Jewish Harvard Professor Who Betrayed USA and Helped Create Wuhan China BioWar Facility

Mongoose: Is Guo Wengui a Fake Billionaire and Secret Zionist Economic Saboteur Traitor Against China?

NEW 13 FEB 2020

Robert Steele in Tehran Times: Interview A Counterintelligence Perspective on the Wuhan Virus – A Zionist Bio-War False Flag Attack?

Zero Hedge increasingly appears to be a Zionist-controlled outlet. The article appears to be carefully designed to move attention away from the possibility that the Zionists carried out a bio-warfare attack while seeking to blame the Chinese for an accident, and profiting from insider trading.

Sudden Militarization Of Wuhan's P4 Lab Raises New Questions About The Origin Of The Deadly Covid-19 Virus


Mongoose: Is Guo Wengui a Fake Billionaire and Secret Zionist Economic Saboteur Traitor Against China?

Western Anti-Chinese Propaganda Exaggerates Coronavirus Danger Creating Panic

The Coronavirus COVID-19 Epidemic Outbreak is Not Only about a New Virus

NEW 12 FEB 2020

As we originally stated, the West is engaged in an Information War against China, hyping the threat.  The virus is tapering off, our President is correct, it will decline no later than April.

Western Anti-Chinese Propaganda Exaggerates Coronavirus Danger Creating Panic

Possible cover story to avoid confronting Israel over bio-warfare attack:

Deadly coronavirus may have originated in a bat cave 16 YEARS AGO: Scientists say latest disease is a 96% match to a strain discovered in 2004 Chinese study

NEW 11 FEB 2020

 NEW 9 FEB 2020:

ROBERT STEELE: On 5 February I raised the possibility that the Wuhan virus was a Zionist attack made possible by the use of a possible Zionist double-agent, the Jewish Harvard professor who may have been dangled to China by the Zionists (not the Americans) and who then set up the cover story for a transfer coincident with a Zionist agent releasing the virus in the marketplace at Wuhan and other adjacent areas. I have no direct knowledge. However, as a professional intelligence officer, it is my view that such an act would not have been authorized by President Donald Trump nor undertaken by any US military or civilian professional arms; rogue elements cannot be discounted. In my view, now that the Chinese military are on record as accusing the USA of attacking China, and Russian sources are repeating this, our President has no alternative but to order a full joint investigation totally open to the Chinese.

Amazon Page

My own gut feeling is that this was a Zionist (Israel state-sponsored terrorism) bio attack, and that the USA should add this to 9/11 and Epstein toward the next Day of Atonement and the expulsion of the Zionist parasite from the USA. This is a matter of such importance that I would like to see Col Stu Herrington, USA (Ret) who is married to a Chinese and is America's top counterintelligence officer bar none, returned to active duty, promoted to Brigadier General, and put in charge of a Presidential task force with “extreme authority” including the authority to make  the Jewish professor from Harvard available to the Chinese for direct interrogation.

Chinese military website: Wuhan Coronavirus is manmade by the U.S.

Coronavirus Update: Russia Blames USA For NCov 2019 Outbreak

I have discussed this with DoD counterintelligence colleagues, and they have pointed out to me that this could have been a two-part Zionist attack in which the Jewish professor at Harvard was encouraged to betray his country and provide assistance to China in the lab transfer, but NOT told that the Zionists intended to create a massive viral contagion by releasing the virus themselves, then alleging a lab break-down.  They have a very good point.

Free Online Book

There is an insider trading aspect to this.  As the Zionists and their American neo-conservative allies demonstrated in the planning and execution of 9/11, insider trading and money-laundering was a huge part of the total package. In the case of Wuhan, whatever the ground truth may be, Western media egged on by MI-6 and CIA have been waging a terrible information war against China, and the markets have reacted accordingly. Any counterintelligence investigation ordered by the President should include a thorough look at insider trading from Hong Kong and Singapore to London and Wall Street.

The President of the United States of America needs to get to the bottom of this, and he needs to do so in partnership with the General Secretary of China.

SIDE NOTE: CNN reports that 41% of the first 138 patients diagnozed in a  single hospital were infected at the hospital.

New study an eye-opener on how coronavirus is spreading and how little we know

NEW 7 FEB 2020:

John McAfee, never one to mince words, joins Robert Steele in calling out the corrupt Western media waging an information war against China (and probably also  on behalf of the corrupt CDC and Big Pharma and Bill Gates, all salivating at a false flag excuse to mandate vaccinations of everyone).  The corona virus is BULLSHIT. Xi is acting decisively because his government was slow off the mark and is now playing catch up. The virus will wind down.  It is less virulent than SARS.

NEW 6 FEB 2020:

Is Mike Adams a Zionist Agent?

We are doubling down on the Wuhan virus as a Zionist attack on China. Mike Adams of Natural News, has put out a headline we consider to be absolute total bullshit and therefore an indicator — weak but none the less — that he could be a Zionist media asset or sayonim. Wuhan is at the intersection of biological warfare, electromagnetic warfare, and information warfare. China is under attack. We urge our President to consult with the General Secretary and give China the benefit of the doubt.

Natural News: China launches biological warfare agenda; covertly infiltrates Wuhan evacuation plane with “Trojan horse” carrier of the coronavirus to infect all passengers headed to Taiwan

Alert Reader reports: Adams is married to a Taiwanese citizen from a wealthy family; he met her while studying in Taiwan and reportedly speaks Chinese. He is a self-promoter, loves money, wants to be a guru — he may not be inherently evil but struck people who got to know him as being easily compromisable.

NEW 5 FEB 2020:

Zionist Harvard Double-Agent BioWar Hit on China? Insider Trading Double Play?

Weak signals are emerging that Wuhan was an act of war by Israel against China, using a double-agent, Dr. Charle Lieber, (who is Jewish and therefore especially susceptible to Zionist influence if not control); whose top student from China was embedded at Wuhan University of Technology where he was also a Strategic Scientist.

We are also hearing that this could have been (like 9/11 also done by the Zionists) an insider trading double-play. Who benefited in the City of London, Wall Street, and Hong Kong and Tokyo stock exchanges from advance knowledge of the impact of this grossly exaggerated event that has impacted on the global economy?

Gaza Death Star: Wuhan, Harvard, Epstein [Zionist BioWar Against China?]

Wikipedia/Charles M. Lieber

NEW 4 FEB 2020:

Practical Advice for Coronavirus Prevention and Holistic Remediation

Jon Rappoport on Pollution, Caution of Fake Vaccine

Coronavirus Is Bad but US Flu's New Numbers Still Far Worse

NEW 3 FEB 2020:

Intersection of biowarfare and electromagnetic warfare (with West throwing in information warfare at no extra charge).

NEW 2 FEB 2020:

Is The “Coronavirus” Actually Microwave Illness?

PBI: Radiation sickness presents as does the flu. Entire airliners have been quartentined, only to discover it was the new Wi-Fi satellites causing the illnes — we still do not measure or control for electromagnetic pollution which is retarding babies & killing brain cells (while also causing cancer, Wall Street has a pandemic of brain cancer now.

The coronavirus is just starting to have an impact on the globe’s economy and politics

PBI: Going to wind down, Western media will continue to hype, CDC will continue to lie, move money, and advance vaccines we should all reject.

Jon Rappoport

NEW 1 FEB 2020:

John Rappoport nails it: The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is a criminal organization fronting for a global medical conspiracy to harm humanity with contrived viruses at great expense.

Epidemic: 30 trillion cases, and that’s a low estimate

NEW 31 JAN 2020:

a) The virus is being hyped, is LESS deadly than SARS.

b) The virus does appear to have come from a biolab and to have HIV elements inserted.

c) Family tree now available.  Bottom line: grossly over-hyped by the West.

NEW 30 JAN 2020:

On the Origins of the 2019-nCoV Virus, Wuhan, China

Option 4. A recombined virus made in a laboratory for the purpose of creating a vaccine.

The available evidence most strongly supports that the 2019-NCoV virus is a vaccine strain of coronavirus either accidentally released from a laboratory accident, perhaps a laboratory researcher becoming infected with the virus while conducting animal experiments, or the Chinese were performing clinical studies of a Coronavirus vaccine in humans.

NEW from Project Camelot:

CoronaVirus: Bioweapon Predicted by 2 Camelot Whistleblowers

NEW 29 JAN 2020:

1) 5G appears to have lowered immunity but electromagnetic radiation sickness, which presents as it flu, could be the primary agent in manufacturing the crisis.  Chinese 5G + Chinese market filth — not a US attack.

2) Bill Gates funded the simulation and will benefit from the fake vaccine — CDC and Bill Gates continue to merit a full scale federal investigation.

3) CIA and MI-6 are playing the crisis up via captured international media, there is zero ethics or professionalism in media reporting on this crisis.

4) There are stronger signals that China's Wuhan Institute of Virology (bio-warfare) may have let loose infected bats.

5) There are weak signals that Wuhan was in protest mode over pollution and the virus — and 5G crowd control — are part of the government's putting the people down.  We are skeptical but it merits note.


I am stimulated by Jon Rappoport's discussion below, which focuses on the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as a criminal organization that lies  a lot.

New China virus, Swine Flu hoax, history matters

From where I sit, there are multiple possibilities, none exclusive, in rough order of probability:

  1. Xi Jinping is taking this seriously
  2. Virus jumped from animals, a normal evolutionary mutation, this too will pass — infection spreads with spit, wearing a mask is a sufficient precaution
  3. Routine Chinese acceptance of unsanitary conditions — my top specialist in animal to human disease transmission says that putting various different species of animal in close proximity as in the markets at Wuhan is a surefire way to get disease outbreaks
  4. The international media, controlled by MI-6 and CIA, is hyping the story to attack the Chinese with fake news
  5. UPDATE: 5G and possibly also scalar (time-energy) lowered the immunity of the entire population and caused a normal new virus to explode.
  6. CDC is lying as a budget-building exercise
  7. CDC is rushing an experimental untested vaccine into being, using the fake virus alarm as a means of taking vaccines toward genetic manipulation and control (DNA active vacines). UPDATE: Inovio chosen to execute the scam; Bill Gates funded the simulation, criminal investigation called for.
  8. UPDATE: There are weak signals that Wuhan was in protest mode over pollution and the virus — and 5G crowd control — are part of the government's putting the people down.  We are skeptical but it merits note.
  9. Chinese stole the virus from Canada's bioweapons lab, and it escaped from there
  10. CIA or US military spread the virus to spark havoc within China

A few additional links are provided below the fold.

Asian Review: Xi orders all-China response to Wuhan coronavirus

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UPDATE: CDC is a criminal organization and Inovio has no clue how to create a coronavirus vaccine, this will be a cover for pushing a new generic engineering vaccine out on the public, partly as a budget-building scam for CDC, partly as a preamble to mandating genetic-engineering vaccines for the whole population (less the elites that use house doctors to “exempt” themselves and bribed law enforcement to avoid being held accountable.  Vaccines are neither necessary nor Constitutional — they should be opposed by all citizens. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. appears to be one of the few people President Donald Trump can trust, at some point in the second term CDC needs to be investigated, people sent to jail, and the whole endeavor rebooted (along with the dismantling of the unconstitutional vaccine “court” that covers up for the pharmaceutical industry and denies aggieved citizens, parents, and children their rights under the Constitution to a fair trail with a jury.

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Rebecca Campbell: US Government Loses Vaccine Lawsuit — Has Lied to the Public for Decades — Vaccines NOT Tested — Autism Will Drop If Parents Use This Case to Legally Challenge Mandated Vaccinations

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Here is Didier Raoult’s bio.

Here is his take on China’s coronavirus and my speedy translation.

Q: Professor Didier Raoult, an epidemic of coronavirus in China, should we fear something?

A: You know, it’s an insane world.

For me, the fact that some people may have died of the coronavirus, especially in China, you know, I don’t really feel that concerned.  To be truthful, we estimate that there may be six to seven dead by the coronavirus which circulates all over Europe and Marseilles each year, since we treat 1% of the population; that means that there are probably six children who died of it last year in France and nobody talks about it.  So, to have a meeting about the syncytial respiratory virus which kills, on average, 19 people right here each year! Which would mean maybe 1,900 people who die from it each year in France, of whom nobody talks; it is true that the world has gone completely mad.

What that means is that when something happens where three cats die somewhere, it becomes a world alert, WHO intervenes, it’s on radio and TV… when a bus topples in Peru… road accidents increasingly happen, things do happen. the whole thing is insane.

There is no longer any lucidity, especially for what infectious illnesses are concerned because infectious illnesses are eco-systems illnesses.   Infectious illnesses are ecologic illnesses.  Which means that you won’t find the same illnesses in the humid, inter-tropical zone, you don’t have the same illnesses in regions where there are mosquitoes all year round and no mosquitoes in the winter, you don’t have the same importation illnesses which can transiently exist do but do not proliferate as long as you don’t touch the blood of those who die from them.  Ebola, the risk that you would catch Ebola here is next to zero.

Ebola, they pulled that out of a drawer, the first time I ever heard of it was in 1976 so I did some researched in France [to see if it ever existed] and I was told: No.

So, every time there is any illness in the world, people ask if we’re going to get the same thing in France and it becomes absolutely delirious while the known, existing illnesses are relegated in the background and no longer explored, no one cares anymore and everyone looks at what is going in China.  It is so ridiculous that it becomes hallucinating.  What that means is that there no longer exists any connection between the information and the reality of the risk.  None left, whatsoever!  In the past, the connection existed distantly but nowadays, it has become absolutely deliriously absent!

And because it will not stop, since the Chinese have become expert in virology by doing what other countries have not done, which is a systematic approach to DNA and RN sequencing, they will uncover more and more viruses… we’re going to get more and more alerts all the time.  So the Chinese are the first ones to massively study the DNA/RN sequencing in an unknown field in which there has never been any research in virology, now that they sequence everything… good luck with alerts!

The biggest WHO debacle was when some great Chinese woman scientist studied and reported on the sequencing of the bird flu.  It hit WHO really hard, which then persuaded the entire world that avian flu, for which only a few Chinese cases had been reported and fully documented as strictly contracted from birds, had become a “human-transmitted” disease which would soon decimate the entire world population.  It became amplified, pretty soon everybody would die, everybody became crazy, people in the world and in Europe destroyed bids and everything avian, they were going to die by the million, absolute delirium that kept people insanely busy.

People are fixated on China to finds a reason to be afraid because they can’t find a reason to be afraid  in France.

UPDATE: Bill Gates Simulated Six Weeks Ago — and Owns the Patent?

ROBERT STEELE: The “coincidence” is as shocked as the FEMA powerpoint briefing on the Boston Bombing one year prior to the Boston Bombing. Nevertheless, I am standing by four points:

01 natural outbreak, not contrived

02 Western intelligence and media running a massive fear campaign against China

03 CDC and Bill Gates and Inovio seeking to profit handsomely from the contrived panic similar to SARS (which proved to be a nothing-burger)

04 Citizens should refuse the experimental untested vaccine that is more likely to kill more people than it saves and also likely to contain DNA genetic engineering elements that are inherently an atrocity — a crime against humanity.

Bottom line: I do not trust CDC, Bill Gates, or Inovio.  Period.


ROBERT STEELE: Although 5G and satellite (Wi-Fi) radication illness can present as if a virus, I am very skeptical of the claims on the fringes of the alternative media that the virus is from 5G rather than animal to human trnasmission via body fluids.  I have asked my 5G experts and will advise.  In the meantimes, here is one link:

5G @ Phi Beta Iota


To my enormous surprise, this has teeth. doing a zoom interview with top three guys, they are saying that it is very possible, even likely, that this is a mix of US 5G and Russian energetics (scalar time energy warfare capable of creating stuff out of thin air). Will know more by tomorrow.

Preliminary appraisal by others (I know nothing myself) is that 5G lowered immunity in that entire area and allowed a normal new virus to explode in ways that would not have occurred (remember how SARS was overblown, and that was before 5G).

There are weak signals that 5G and scalar (time-energy) protocols can create the same symptons, it is now known that radiation sickness afflicting entire passenger loads on inter-continental aircraft presents as flu but is in fact directly connected  to the new Wi-Fi satellite services that are way over the top because the government has never been serious about emissions calibration or the health implications of continued exposure to electromagnetic pollution.

Here are some links from Alert Readers:

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UPDATE: Scam Virus?

Coronavirus: A Contrived Pandemic? Caused By A Gene Mutation Or By A Meteorological Phenomenon?

Vaccine on the way

A news report says researchers have already produced a vaccine from an isolated “unknown” virus from the first case reported in Hong Kong.  The fastest way to get a vaccine developed and approved is to create an imagined pandemic that elevates the urgency of its development and gets government to cover the R&D cost.  Two companies are said to be developing the world’s first coronavirus vaccines.

Given such a global pandemic from a mutated coronavirus was estimated to cause $570-billion of economic losses should it occur, it would cost just ~$9 billion to provide 30-days of vitamin D pills to 3 billion people in Asia (calculated at 10-cents per pill).

People connected in a 5G network allows for use of CRISPR-CAS12 method to online modification of a vaccine enzyme: every mutation of a virus can be countered

Bill Gates will become even more rich — and 5G caused the virus?


End Time Madness

Provides both a superb set of links on biowar between China and USA, and concludes with assertion that Paladians (White Hat ET) have neutralized the virus.

Is This The Man Behind The Global Coronavirus Pandemic?

Modified to emphasize filth and animal cross-over as a cover story, great graphic below:

Bats, Gene Editing and Bioweapons: Recent DARPA Experiments Raise Concerns Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Engineered “novel corona virus” okay for Europeans



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