Sara Carter: Trump to Ballantine – Kiss Your Career Good-Bye [Robert Steele: Has the Time Come to Indict Department of Justice Losers?]

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Sara Carter

DOJ Sought Continuance Of Flynn Case To ‘Vindicate’ Public Reputation Of His Former Legal Team

A serious conflict of interest—indisputable because it was recognized by both the government and Covington by November 1, 2017—well before Flynn entered a guilty plea or even made a proffer to the prosecutors– is one of the main reasons Flynn’s lawyer Sidney Powell filed to withdraw his guilty plea several weeks ago. She noted in her filing then that his former lawyers failed to advise him timely, fully or properly of the firm’s ‘conflict of interest in his case’ regarding the Foreign Agents Registration Act form it filed on his behalf, and by doing so “betrayed Mr. Flynn.”

In fact, there was no dispute that Covington had a serious conflict and it was so serious that the government raised it with Covington twice, beginning November 1, 2019, as reported.

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ROBERT STEELE: Read the whole article. Sara is blessedly coherent, this article reads like an INDICTMENT of federal misbehavior to the point of warranting a formal proceeding against Joycelyn Ballentine. The fact that Eric Holder and Michael Chertoff, arguably traitors (Holder ended criminal convictions against Wall Street — no one goes to jail anymore, and also told the Court the government reserves the right to lie to the Court; Chertoff covered up 9/11 and went on to create the police state via the Department of Homeland Security) are the ones being “defended” by Ms. Ballentine suggests that she will not survive for much longer in the Trump Administration.  Good riddance.

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