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Bottom Line Up Front

We are in the midst of a contrived crisis. The purpose of this crisis from the point of view of the Deep State actors that started it are three-fold:

01 To crash the global economy in order to buy it up at depression-era prices – this was done once before, very deliberately, with the Great Depression which was contrived by Wall Street with the explicit complicity of then President of the United States Herbert Hoover, who also allowed himself to be bribed into allowing the theft of Palestine from the Palestinians – and the further complicity of Franklin Delano Roosevelt who used the situation to make himself President;

02 To advance the police state and endless war agendas, and within the USA specifically to test and refine the ability to lock down entire cities and states with a mix of “soft” or “volunteer” quarantines, mass surveillance oversights, and selective use of police and federalized military;

03 To manipulate humanity into accepting a universal mandatory vaccine that comes with both DigitalID and toxic substances that reduce human liberty and increase our susceptibility to 5G “mesh” entrapment and control — the increasingly skeptical US public is the center of gravity for this “end state” objective that should see its proponents eradicates by all lawful means, and expeditiously so.

There is good news.

01 The good guys were ready and are counter-attacking with special operations and intelligence. A cultural, economic, and psychological re-boot is underway.

02 Good started to triumph over evil from 2012 onward, and all those prayer and consciousness groups have carried the day – this is the final battle, evil just did not get the memo – there is every possibility the Deep State and Shadow Government are on their death bed;

03 We the People control the outcome with love and consciousness – if we succumb to fear and hate we lose all the ground we have gained since 2012, and we undermine President Trump’s possibilities for success. Ascension Christianity, in love, is exactly what we need now.

The Foreword by former US spy and Chief Counsel for the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse addresses awakening consciousness, a new beginning not the end times, whether the coronavirus is a Satanic attack on Ascension Christianity, is Donald J. Trump the Chosen One, will Christianity done right reconcile with all other faiths, and who will ascend.

The main text discusses God’s relationship with materials existence, humanity’s relationship with God, and the nature of Ascension Christianity, the final step the transcends all less evolved forms of Christianity. Detailed discussion is provided on the divinity of humanity and its manifestation in physicality; on entering the Kingdom of Heaven; on Christ Consciousness and Ascension; and The Promise.

Two Appendices are included as well as 89 endnotes, most with links to their cited source.

This work is offered to the public as a contribution toward reinstating God’s grace for America the Beautiful.

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