Review: Rebel Gene – Secret Space and the Future of Humanity by Kerry Cassidy

5 Star, Intelligence (Extra-Terrestrial)
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5 Stars – The only “Direct Witness” Book & Overview  By a Person I Trust

Reviewed by Robert David STEELE Vivas

Of the 97 non-fiction topical areas in which I read, Extraterrestrials is the one I am least comfortable with.  I have no direct knowledge. However, I have read and reviewed a number of books, and talked personally with retired NASA PhDs and a few DoD colleagues who alleged direct involvement in the secret space program — and I have talked with and even interviewed on video the author of this book, Kerry Cassidy.

This book is unique in that it is clearly and credibly rooted in direct interviews, most video-taped, with over 1,000 direct witnesses. While some of these witnesses (for example, Mark Richards, now in prison) give pause, on balance I find the totality of Kerry Cassidy's work completely acceptable as a starting point for considering possibilities that are not taught by schools — schools that, I might emphasize, also teach falsehoods of history, falsehoods of science, and falsehoods of social science.

Kerry is unique among all the other authors of books in the extraterrestrial space that I have reviewed in that she conveys a level of detail — specifically naming a diversity of off-planet stellar civilizations, some evil, some good, and also being specific about US bases off-planet as well as deep underground — that even if this book were fiction (as are historical novels and my favorite book on US Government torture BROKEN!) it has great value as a foundation for thinking far outside the conventional bubble.

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