Robert Steele: Fake Pandemic Update — CDC Official Figures on “Normal” Flu

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Below the fold is the CDC's official estimate, illustrated, of non-corona flu deaths (22,000 to 55,000), hospitalizations (370,000-670,000) and actual flu illnesses most self-revolved (36-51 million). This makes it obvious that the fake pandemic is clearly a form of massive public deception in which the CDC is complicit.


There is clearly something going on behind the scenes that we are not being  told. I am moving away from believing that President Trump has been completely screwed over by the CDC, toward the view that he is playing the CDC and using the coronavirus shut-down to achieve larger objectives.  Patrick Buchanan offers some useful reflections below.

Patrick Buchanan: Will the Coronavirus Kill the New World Order?

Others are telling me that Trump is getting the deflation out of the way, getting the omph he needs for closing borders and returning manufacturing (and medical) back to the USA and — no further information — using the slow down to take down a number of high value Deep State targets while setting the stage for the global currency reset.  I know nothing. I pray for the best possible outcome for all of us, and our President.

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