Veterans Today: International Criminal Court Opens Inquiry Into US and Taliban War Crimes in Afghanistan

Ethics, Government, Military

Guardian: ICC Authorizes War Crimes Inquiry Against Pentagon War on Afghanistan

Earlier rejection overturned

The US military and CIA are accused of widespread use of rape and torture and the murder of thousands of prisoners.  It is believed that thousands of Americans who served in Afghanistan may eventually be under scrutiny including and especially civilian contractors.

Read full article, originally in The Guardian (UK).

Phi Beta Iota: A new era of accountability is emerging, and US national security (as well as US homeland security) are going to have to more carefully evaluate both their new initiatives, and their accountability under the US Constitution and international law. The era of licensed to lie, and licensed to kill and loot, and rape, with impunity, is over. Intelligence (decision-support) can be very helpful to US leaders in navigating this new ethical legal  terrain.

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