Wayne Jett: Donald Trump Could Smash the Deep State and End the 1901 Plan, Perhaps As Early As Good Friday (10 April 2020)

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ENDING THE 1901 PLAN: Storm Arrives To Deal With It

Since the 2016 campaign for U. S. president began, Americans have witnessed an intense demonstration of the globalist cabal’s influence in the three branches of federal government. This remarkable learning experience was made possible by the historic election of an anti-cabal president, Donald J. Trump, who has benefited from adequate personal security in office for the first time since President Andrew Jackson self-protected with his own pistols during 1829-1836. President Trump has done much more than merely survive the cabal’s actions against him and the nation; he has mounted a multi-national counter-assault to disable, disarm and destroy the power centers and principals of the globalist cabal.

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ROBERT STEELE: Apart from Martin Armstrong, Wayne Jett is the other person I recommend that President Donald Trump listen to on how best to take down the Deep State and restore America's economic vitality.

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