Robert Steele: England Lied — CDC Lied — Coronavirus Fake Pandemic Model Numbers Drastically Downgraded to Normal Flu

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Coronavirus Model Drastically Downgrades Projection

This was not an accident.  This was a malicious lie sanctioned by the British Government and actively spread across global media by MI-6 and CIA to create a global panic in tandem with the City of London and Wall Street doing massive amounts of insider trading both in advance (dumping stock) and after the fact (buying up good stuff at depressed prices.

NSA has everything we need to nail every single one of these people, all the President has to do is get  Mike Flynn and Bill Binney focused on the task.

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NOTE: Testing is bullshit.  They don't have a test and 80% of the alleged positives are FALSE positives.  This whole thing has been a Big Pharma vaxxer scam from day one.  The President (and Congressman Nunes) got it right, as did I and Dr. Ron Paul and quite a few others blocked from media coverage.

We need to hang some people — after a full and proper investigation.

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