Robert Steele: How NOT To Display a Threat UPDATE: False Numbers

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Below is a truly idiotic alleged White House “dashboard” on the corona virus.  See it live at This is the kind of thing people create who have zero understanding of holistic analytics or true cost economics. A proper Presidential dashboard would allow the visualization of this annoying fake pandemic in relation to all other deaths by location and demographic, and it would show the true cost of the lockdown by the hour by location and demographic.

This may not be the fault of the lightweights at Palantir and IBM.  This is probably the fault of the people around the President who have no idea how to do proper intelligence (decision-support) requirements definition in the context of holistic analytics and true cost economics.  In other words, stupid clients get stupid dashboards.  The President needs a killer on this.

I am so tired of “stupid” being the norm.  Time for an Open Source Agency that provides for everything I have visualized for the President including a dashboard that never lies and always shows context.

UPDATE: False Numbers

Alert Reader writes in:

Just read your latest article at:

According to the chart offered the island country of Trinidad and Tobago has the following stats.

Confirmed 114
Sick 85
Recovered 21
Dead 8

I'm with you, that alleged White House “dashboard” is horse shit at best, here's why.

Two days ago I had an hours long conversation with a member of the Diplomatic Corps in Trinidad and Tobago and I was given up to date “real” info on the virus situation in that country, and it goes like this.

1) approx. 130 cases have showed up on the island of Trinidad (none in Tobago).

2) no deaths from the virus recorded so far. The above figure of 8 deaths is totally false.

3) the new children's hospital in Couva was emptied and converted for the exclusive use of containing the virus cases. No other medicine is happening there, no visitors, absolute quarantine measures in effect for that hospital and its occupants. The situation is fully contained.

4) no local infections. 100% of cases were brought in from other countries.

Now those four items above are worthless alone. Here is the real value of the Trinidad story, the truth that sets your mind free.

Trinidad is 11 degrees north of the equator in the Caribbean Sea, just a few miles off the coast of Venezuela. That places it fully in earth's tropical zone with a marine tropical climate. This is critically important to understand as I will explain.

All coronaviruses are extremely temperature (heat) sensitive and therefore cannot live in tropical climates. This is a well known fact (but kept totally hidden by the media and their medical accomplices) and scientifically provable in less than 90 minutes by placing an infected and sick person in a hot sauna bath long enough to raise their body's core temperature by 2 degrees (60 to 90 minutes). That is sufficient to instantly kill the coronavirus and the patient walks out of that sauna bath completely cured. I know from my own personal experience that this is indeed true, as I have successfully taken this treatment twice in the past. The results and effectiveness are nothing short of astonishing.

With this reality in mind, how did coronavirus show up in Trinidad? The same way it does every year. People travel abroad in cooler countries where the virus thrives, get infected and they bring it back to Trinidad by plane, or boat (cruise ships).

The good news about this is that no resident of Trinidad ever gets infected with coronavirus because the hot tropical climate totally prevents the virus from spreading. Such is the case today with the ongoing pandemic. My contact in the Diplomatic Corps confirmed that ALL cases were imported into Trinidad from abroad and that there are 0 local infections. This absolutely proves the value in shutting off a country's borders to outside travel, especially to tourism.

Alert Reader #2 says:

The 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic was confirmed to have spread to Vietnam on 23 January 2020. As of 20 April 2020, there were 268 confirmed cases, 214 recoveries, and no deaths. More than 206,000 tests have been performed. Hanoi is currently the most affected city with 112 confirmed cases. Hanoi has a population of 1.5 million. The graphic shows that the area of the country where there is a presence of the virus is where there are heavy concentrations of people and is generally not considered jungle. The area where there are no cases reported is primarily the jungle area. To be sure, there may be cases there and the terrain prevents identifying those, but even given the closely packed cities, the fact there have been no deaths reported as of 20 April when NYC reports over 10,000 should cause one to pause (even if Vietnam is not reporting, there are still plenty of folks who live there who would be able to dispute that fact)…..

Phi Beta Iota: We are quite certain that New York, a bastion of Zionist treason, is falsely reporting all the numbers while also killing people with medical malpractice (going to the hospital is  a death sentence, being put on a ventilator is a double-death-sentence).  Any dying of anything — including parachutists who forget their parachute — is being labeled by New York as a COVID-19 death.  We are overdue for making lying to the public a crime punishable by death.

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