Robert Steele: Is Trump Winning Over Democrats?

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Detroit rep says hydroxychloroquine, Trump helped save her life amid COVID-19 fight

Another Doctor Reports Dramatic Improvement In COVID-19 Patients Using Trump-Touted Treatment

I am seeing more and more signs that the Democratic Party is imploding along several lines.  The above headline is part of it — the breakaway of activist left from establishment left, and the previously known creation of #WalkAway and the migration of blacks away from the failed Biden and Sanders bids, are part of it.

What President Donald Trump has NOT done is clean up the GOP, which is still — by order of the Romney relative in charge of the party — refusing to place Trump supporters in the 50% of the GOP precinct seats that are vacant, and which is NOT putting out a welcome mat for blacks, women, and the young in particularl.

#UNRIG is the answer.  #UNRIG = Mother of All Landslides.  Any questions? I am looking for work and would like to help — so would Cynthia & John, each with their own gifts.


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