Stephen E. Arnold: Amazon Video Service Robert Steele: Is Zoom the Victim of Organized Naked Short Selling?

Commercial Intelligence
Stephen E. Arnold

Amazon: Zooming Toward Google Hangouts?

DarkCyber spotted this Thomson Reuters’ story: “Amazon Tests Screening New Merchants for Fraud via Video Calls in Pandemic.” The news story reveals that yes, indeed, Amazon has its own Zoom-type service.

There are a number of interesting Amazon patents related to video communications. These range from facial recognition to active overlays.

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Robert Steele: Based on what I have been learning about Naked Short Selling, which is both a federal and a state felony, Zoom is now undergoing a total naked short selling attack including contrived defamation and tortious interference in the form of electronic attacks seeking to undermine the Zoom service.

See my new web site that will support a book, an interview series, and a documentary on Naked Short Selling that is enabled by the Senate Banking Committee and the SEC, very much against the public interest, destroying trillions of dollars in innovation and millions of jobs (while also gutting pension funds that own half the stocks).

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