Should Covington & Burling Get a Porcupine Enema and Anthony, Chertoff, Holder, Kelner, and Smith Lose Their Law Licenses For Betraying General Michael Flynn?

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Tuesday Surprise Rocks Flynn Case: Former Lawyers Failed To Produce Another Pile Of Evidence

Covington & Burling LLP told the court its search team failed to search all of the law firm’s records and missed the documents, mostly emails. The documents were produced to Powell on Tuesday.

“Covington determined that an unintentional miscommunication involving the firm’s information technology personnel had led them, in some instances, to run search terms on subsets of emails … rather than on the broader sets of emails that should have been searched,” Flynn’s former attorney Robert Kelner told the court in a motion.

“We now have performed another search, using search terms and manual reviews, on a broader universe of material to correct the earlier error and to transfer additional documents that are part of the client file,” Kelner wrote, saying his firm was willing to assist Powell on any other matters and to address any questions the judge may have about the oversight.

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ROBERT STEELE: Covington, the firm that employs Eric “no one goes to jail” Holder, is totally fucked. They should be sued and the licenses of the three partners who appear to have maliciously sabotaged General Mike Flynn’s defense — plus Certoff who is almost certainly an agent of a foreign power (Israel) — should be stripped.  The four principals — Steve Anthony, Michael Chertoff, Eric Holder, Rob Kelner, and Brian D. Smith — should be barred from the bench — and government service — for life, after making restitution to Mike Flynn and his current successful (ethical) legal team.

Litigators of the Week my ass.  These scumbags threw their client under the bus in active connivance with Obama administration hold-overs about to be indicted for treason and other crimes.  Indeed, this firm has been called the “Shadow Justice Department” which causes me to wonder if some of them should be indicted for manufacturing false evidence against President Trump and other high crimes and misdemeanors.

Let’s be crystal clear here: these four assholes violated their client, the National Security Advisor to the President of the United States and one of the greatest generals and intelligence officers we have ever had; they breached their fiduciary duties in every possible interpretation of the concept; and they should be required to not only return to General Flynn every penny they stole from him under false pretenses, but also pay for all costs — at their exorbitant rates — for Sidney Powell’s cleaning up their mess.

They appear to have billed $6.5 million and were paid $3.5 million. They owe General Flynn a full reimbursement of the $3.5 billion, and a further $2 million in compensation for Sidney Powell’s heroic ethical repairs, as well as some form of penance. My bottom line: Covington owes General Flynn an abject apology — and $10M — or they should face a major lawsuit for malpractice that puts the firm — and the four principals — out of business.

Perhaps Les Wexner, himself facing scrutiny for having funded 9/11 and the Epstein pedophilia entrampment network — could pay this bill for them.

The principals in this matter — Anthony, Chertoff, Holder, and Smith — are in my view personally liable for the debacle — this malicious deliberate sacrificing of a client in conspiracy with the Obama hold-overs that continue to be in place, some of whom are about to be indicted for treason.

Covington = Lehman.  $10 million due now. Pay the bill, or go out of business.


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