Zero Hedge: Massive Caravan of Vehicles and Crowd Demand End to Lockdown – “Half-Wit” as She Is Called, Dithering . . .

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Lockdown-Backlash Begins: Angry Crowd Surrounds Capitol, Demands Michigan Governor Reopen Economy

Phi Beta Iota: The Michigan Governor is flirting with death. Within the month active shooters, domestic violence, and suicides will be frightful.

Three powerful photo collages below.  Click headline above for story.

Here’s another view of the protestors locking down streets.

People are not happy about the public health order that has collapsed their local economy.

More people with weapons.

WOOD-TV’s Blake Harms shows a traffic map of how Operation Gridlock has caused severe traffic jams in Lansing.


Michigan protesters turn out against Whitmer’s strict stay-at-home order

Limbaugh: I Hope Some Governor Grows So Fed Up With This Shutdown And Reopens Their State

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