Mongoose: Joe Biden, the “Hang the Blacks” Senator?

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Authentic black leaders appear to consider Joe Biden to be a senile sanctimoneous sack of shit who hates  blacks on the one hand, and fronts for Wall Street criminals on  the other.  What’s not to like?

2019-08-05 Reward offered for stolen historical marker in memory of lynching victim

2019-06-27 Historians say Prices Corner not sole Delaware lynching, aim to document others

2019-03-24 Some suspected lynchings in Joe Biden’s home state, status in 2019, official explanations.

2019-03-21 Silver Lake Dover Delaware Lynchings in the 21st century

2013–7-01 In Delaware, They Lynch Negros

2012-12-07 Strange Fruit In Dover Delaware: Lynching Allegations Of Black Men In City Park Have Tremendous Credibility While Cops Suppress Claims

2012-10-22 Small group asks Dover City Council to conduct investigation into alleged lynchings

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