Stephen E. Arnold: DarkCyber Exclusive: Litigation Likely for Naked Short Selling

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Stephen E. Arnold

DarkCyber Exclusive: Litigation Likely for Naked Short Selling

In a conversation with former CIA professional Robert David Steele, DarkCyber learned of an impending legal action. Steele revealed in a video conference information about naked short selling, a Wall Street tactic to make money outside the boundaries of existing rules and regulations. DarkCyber obtained permission to create a summary of Steele’s main points. You can view the six minute exclusive at this link. In the question-and-answer session, Mr. Steele referenced additional information about this matter. You can access some associated information at:

  • Naked Short Selling Website here
  • Task force recommendation here
  • Information provided to the White House here

DarkCyber finds the subject, the allegations, and the concept interesting. Financial fancy dancing is not new, and Steele is focused on an activity pushed out of the public eye due to the torrent of pandemic information.

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