Stephen E. Arnold: Google Needs Special Tools to Search for COVID-19 Literature — Never Mind That It is Busy CENSORING COVID-19 Literature?

Commerce, Corruption, IO Impotency
Stephen E. Arnold

Google: Regular Search Not Up to Covid19 Queries. Who Knew?

Google has launched a new semantic search tool designed to help researchers fight this pandemic. The Google AI Blog reveals “An NLU-Powered Tool to Explore COVID-19 Scientific Literature.” As one might expect, researchers around the world have been turning out an enormous number of papers on the disease and how we might fight it. Why does this call for a special tool? Google researcher Keith Hall writes:

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Phi Beta Iota: At the same time,  Google and its subsidiary YouTube are actively censoring all COVID-19 articles and videos that challenge the official narrative of accused mega-criminals Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci.  Has the time come for the President to use his war powers to nationalize and then purge and cleanse the social media as well as the mainstream media?

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