Dan Schultz: Trump Is In Trouble — GOP Betraying the President!

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I was on a two-hour Zoom call last night with some of the precinct captains in my legislative district, and several of the low-level, paid, “Trump Victory” “field coordinators” were on the call.  At one point, after I had made a few other points throughout the call about the sorry state of our Party, I asked if anyone on the call could tell us why “Trump Victory” had not been, since launching last fall, recruiting Trump supporters to become precinct committeemen, especially in light of over half of the slots here in Arizona and across the country being vacant.  (My legislative district has 440 slots; we have only 162 candidates on the August 4 primary election for those slots.)

Only one of the Trump Victory minions offered a response, and it was, “We had a higher priority to recruit volunteers, not PCs.”  Which is absurd, because PCs are “super volunteers” in that, if Trump supporters had been recruited into the PC ranks, they’d be “Trumplifying” the Party, transforming it into the “Trumplican Party,” and thereby, through voting majorities on the local and county committees, be capable of electing Trump supporters to all of the Party officer positions.  I also pointed out that everyone on the call (there was about 30) knew that in 2016, and now, we have Party committee officers, at all levels, including the RNC, who actually are anti-Trumpers.

Then I told the guy that he had confirmed what I already known, that no effort was made to recruit Trump supporters to become PCs, but he had not told me WHY Trump Victory, in light of my explanation, would not want Trump supporters to become PCs.  I asked him to give me the reason or reasons.  He said he didn’t know.

I got some good feedback from some on the call.  I also asked everyone to share whether they thought Trump’s re-election chances were good, especially with a Party that is at half-strength, or worse, at the precinct level for GOTV.  Most of the responses were to the effect that he’s in trouble.

My thought after seeing the latest Ben G. cartoon is that Trump will only be able to put the squeeze on the banking criminals IF he gets re-elected, and cartoons about how to ensure that would be helpful to Trump, assuming the Ben. G. cartoons get in front of the president.



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