Deep State Freaking Out Part I: Playing the Race Card (Badly)

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White America is reckoning with racism. It could reshape 2020.

The killing of George Floyd has prompted a reckoning with racism not only for Joe Biden, but for a wide swath of white America.

Politico, 9 June 2020

ROBERT STEELE: Absolute bullshit, with Al Sharpton the Zionist servant and Joe Biden the Deep State front man from Wall Street and Delaware, doing the dance.  The riots have been contrived with collaboration from Deep State and Zionist DHS assets in local police forces, and very possibly the use of carefully developed incendiary kits and possibly directed energy weapons controlled by rogue USAF elements seeking to bring down President Trump.  Evidence mounts that Floyd was pre-planned; the killer cop was a hired mercenary, and the wrong man has been arrested. Black leaders across the country are condemning the protests that are being carried out by paid provocateurs, out of state people including Somalis possibly earning $1500 a day; and young white liberal dumb asses who don’t know when they are being played. Authentic blacks favor law and order (not to be confused with Zionist-trained police atrocities) and President Donald Trump, if he engaged with authentic black leaders, is likely to win 40% or more of the black vote in November.

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