Donald J. Trump: I am NOT Adolph Hitler! MAGA Interpretation Added with Image of Pelosi Bible & Satanic Hand Sign

Cultural Intelligence, Offbeat Fun


I vigorously disagree with the negative meme of the optics of President Trump holding up the Bible compared to Hitler doing the same thing. There comes a time when cultural symbols have to be rightly re-appropriated despite their previous use by people like Hitler. This is such a time. President Trump would have been criticized for doing what he did even if Hitler had never done it.

President Trump was holding up the Bible as a symbol, to show his intention to uphold traditional morality, to vividly display his intent to the majority of US citizens who still see the Bible as a potent symbol of traditional morality,
Nancy Pelosi didn't miss the message. She made her own photo-op of herself holding up a Bible, to show whose side she's on. Notice the fingers of her right hand. She's openly messaging to those with the eyes to see that she's a Satanist.

Please don't fault Trump for bad optics here. He did what he needed to do.

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