J. C. Cole: Food Crisis About to Get Much Worse

01 Agriculture, 03 Economy

Eleven key points below the fold.

So now we have proof that the Gray Swans are landing

1) The UN says there will be a world food crisis. “We are at risk at All Times of a Knockout in terms of Food Security”.

2) Germany closes its largest meat packing factory

3) Netherlands exterminate 10,000 mink because they had a “possibility” of Covid 19

4) Pandemic can impact meat & fish imports

5) Food Shortages loom with Corvid outbreaks at 60 U.S. (other than meat) plants

6) Weaponization of Food : Starvation to Manufacture Compliance

7) Elimination of Small Food Producers – Food Production Control

8) Truckers will not deliver to Cities with Defunded Police Departments

9) John Deere repair parts are not being supplied, equipment breaks, harvest stops.

10) Trump orders a fleet of ice breakers. Wait, what happened to Al Gore’s Global Warming?

11) Hail storms damage to Food Production

Only one solution – invest into Holistic EMP proof Regenerative Locally owned Farming

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