Stephen E. Arnold: Google Destroys a Business with Impunity. . .

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Stephen E. Arnold

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Digital business listings can be just as lucrative as physical property holdings. The right domain name can sell for thousands and videogames sell digital objects and upgrades in micro transactions. When a digital holding that belongs to you, however, is “stolen” it can be difficult to reclaim it. The Fisher Group shares how this happened to them in the blog post, “Google Gave Away Our Business Listing To A Competitor And Our Fight To Get It Back.”

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ROBERT STEELE: Google routinely fucks everybody. At one level it is a kludge where any twenty-something can use internal Google capabilities to wipe out any business — digitally assassinate — any business, just because they can, had a bad day whatever. At a second level Google is a very irresponsible company with no customer service, they don’t give a shit about actually delivering value, they make their money manipulating search results, via Wall Street financial criminal means, and evidently also with considerable funding from the CIA and DoD. The legislation being considered against #GoogleGestapo is retarded, which is what you get when you combine a bunch of gay compromised staffers with Members in the pockets of lobbyists and no one actually representing the public interest.

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