James McCanney: To Prevent Yellowstone Super Volcano, Drain the Lake

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Swarm Of Earthquakes In Yellowstone Renews Fears Of Supervolcano Eruption

The 3 prior super volcanic eruptions (of the dozens of eruptions) all had a lake in the caldera. All of the other eruptions were local minor events. It is the lake following fissures into the magma that initiate the bigger eruptions that then lead to the entire lake draining and that is the cause of the super volcano … pure and simple … we have to drain the lake … why volcanologists cannot figure this our is because of denial. When Krakatoa erupted over a period of several days the water was draining down into the magma chamber and each successive blast caused a larger quantity of water to drain until a huge amount of water turned to steam taking the entire mountain 40 miles into the air causing death and destruction locally and many years without summer. This all can be prevented by draining the lake which is not that hard to do. James McC

J. C. Cole comment in agreement below the fold.

I agree with Prof McCanney.

I would surmise that some of the geologists are being controlled by the system, the same as the University system that keeps professors quiet. Tenure, Grant Funding, Salary, Government Contracts, and peer pressure. The long arm of the Rockefellers.

Other concerns are USGS data shows indications of manipulation. Almost always the USGS downgrades earthquake readings by 0.3 or so. This does not seem like much until we realize it is a logarithmic scale. As example, many 7.2 earthquakes are downgrade to 6.9 into the lower category of “6” and skews the total yearly quake category numbers. In some cases I witnessed earthquakes were simply deleted from the record.

Also, according to John Moore the entire Richter Scale was downgraded a full number a few decades ago, so what used to be a level 7 is now registered as a level 6. If accurate, this is a stunning manipulation of data. So the old 7.2 is now a 6.2, and down graded to a 5.9. Result – old 7’s , are now new 5’s – all the same strength, and on a logarithmic scale.

In a possible analogy , we could be the frog being boiled in the pot and the people in control of the temperature readings are reporting them lower so we can not accurately identify the increase. (Not that there is any evidence of the government skewing other data information – like Cost of Living, ect)

Add in with the earthquake data the exponential increase in volcanism, rifts, and sink holes and it looks like the Earth is expanding. And they seem to know it, and are fudging the data to hide it.

One very concerning area is if this accurate and the Earth goes into volcanic & tectonic disruptions it will greatly effect existing world food production and in many ways.

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