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Steele Report

The Steele Report provides a 2,500-5,000 word text overview at the Presidential level each Monday at 0800 Eastern, and a one-hour private video answering subscriber questions each Saturday at 1300 Eastern.

SPY IMPROV was established at Hackers on Planet Earth. See past sessions at YouTube.

Below are the subscriber questions that will be answered on Saturday 20 June.


Would you ever run for POTUS?


Thoughts on Hydroxychloroquine plus Zinc?


I would LOVE to hear your thoughts about Nesara.

You mentioned from your 4 sources that in their and your opinion there will be a Reset with in 18 days from today, is this a global reset, or a US only reset? I own many currencies world wide and it would be too large of a task to do this on that scale, so is this a Gold backed dollar reset for the US? Would love to get some light shed on this please Sir?

How will Nesara work, if people are given money, who will do the jobs like flip burgers, manufacturing or sell cars? Will people be required to work in order to receive benefits?


Has Trump been delaying the RV ? Or is it Military?

Robert, what are your thoughts of there being a coup of the military banning against our president, or is it an Art of War tactic? I thought the military had his back; this is disturbing news. Thank you for all that you and Cynthia are doing for this country…great respect for Ms. McKinney for not signing that pledge to Israel. I joined Unrig when you first started and have been following you ever since. Thank you again for your service!

Do you think they will unveil the US Space Force Tech this July as a public morale booster / global show of force combo?


We all want to know status on arrests and subsequent jurisprudence.


Homeland Security seems to be invisible like the virus?

Is Israel controlling our police and our social media and everything else?


What do you think about Alex Jones and his thoughts that a revolution is possible if you don’t want to use his name i understand? As a veteran it makes me nervous.

WEB 3.0

Will President Trump put an end to the Fake News Media in time to save the election?


Do you actually a way out of this hoax? I want my country back,and a future for today’s young people. I love the work you do on the ITNJ!

Have you been successful in reaching the president with your ideas and solutions?

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NOTE: The CIA built the Artificial Intelligence Staff around me in 1986, and I wrote the first warning letter to the White House on cyber-vulnerabilities in 1994.  I am ignoring the many contrived pleas to discuss a particular self-promoting individual on the AI threat. Web 3.0, data integrity, and sense-making  tools for the public are what matter now — along with civics and re-educating the public that has been zombied down by a most mediocre school system. Artifiical Stupidity, not Artificial Intelligence, is the cyber-threat.



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