ADMIN: Site Update & Iceland Test Wednesday


All: the combination of attacks from Deep State actors and minor-league trolls, up to 9.000 on any given day, and the growing visitation rate, now seven  to ten times that of a year ago, have compelled me to take us to the next level.  On Wednesday 15 July 2020 we will be moving to a dedicated server farm and also  testing our Iceland-based hot back-up.  There may be spotty access at different points during the day starting at 0800. Donations welcome to or subscribe to Beginning Monday 20 July 2020 I will start providing a Presidential “stoplight” chart grading the health of the country, the Administration, and the President’s re-election campaign, with five concise commentaries.

For this Monday the President will be getting a failing grade for the campaign and White House operations, a passing grade for cultural messaging, and a weak grade on the economy. Commentaries will cover:

  • 5D Chess — what are the five levels being played?
  • Implications of Extraterrestrial Disclosure
  • Earth – the Needed Purge of Satanists and Pedophiles
  • Web 3.0: Application of War Powers to Smash #Google Gestapo by 1 SEP
  • Trump Alone — Stabbed in the Back by Parscale, Kushner, & the GOP

Subscribers to The Steele Report will receive an advance look at #UNRIG: Election Reform Act of 2020: A Citizen’s Guide to Achieving Democracy with Integrity.  Cynthia McKinney will be in DC 20-24 July 2020, I am trying to talk her into “streaking” (running naked) across Lafayette Park while tossing #UNRIG confetti in the air.  The back up plan is a national live streamed video from Poets challenging Donald Trump to get off his ass and take over his own campaign that is ignoring 70% of the disenfranchised voters.

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