Stephen E. Arnold: Is “Good Enough” Any Way to Run Anything?

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Stephen E. Arnold

The Covidization of Good Enough

I have written numerous times about the zippy young PhD with an attitude. After my talk about declining “findability”, Zippy (not his real name) spoke with me after my talk. He had one point and repeated it to me several times:  “Search is good enough.”

ROBERT STEELE: Most PhD’s today are stupid — they got “good enough” grades in “good enough” programs not held accountable for holistic analytics or true cost economics. They have never had to make payroll or life and death decisions in the real world where “exact” is the difference between a space shuttle, for example, lifting off or exploding on the platform. America has become a Stupid Nation. The social media — with their censorship and manipulation and use of advertising to guide search — along with inbred universities that sold out to the Deep State long ago — and the totally corrupt and inept US intelligence community — and three parts of this fundamental challenge. I address this matter at the presidential level in next Monday’s private report, where  I outline solutions that could be implemented in time for Election 2020, provided the President gives the order and has his four cyber killers in service by 1 August 2020.


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