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1. Do you think that when the public becomes aware of the extent of the human trafficking and child sex crimes that the now silent majority may get energized and engaged?

2. When is trump going to listen to you?

3. George Webb describes the purpose of this defund the police strategy is to facilitate introduction of UN and/or NATO forces and also private contractor forces like Dynacor into US cities. Please comment.

4. Should dual-citizenship be reason for removal from public office?

5. Joachim states that William was to be the Anti-Christ & it seems Kate was picked for bloodline? I personally think that there is no place for any Royalty crap going forward… Aren’t they PART OF THIS WHOLE PROBLEM in this world?

6. Is the military as thoroughly corrupt as Kay Griggs says?

7. What do you think about the idea of rewarding people with Bitcoin (or other forms of money) with deposits into their eWallet,if individuals choose NOT to have children? (Regarding China’s one-child system)

8. What credence do you put on the Q anon thing?

9. When it is referred to “Golden Dragon Families” are we talking about Russian related Red Mafia or someone else?

10. Someone posted a comment saying that many of the military Patriots in the plan to help Trump, have been killed. Wondered if you know anything?

11. What’s the next step in the plan to ensure your info will get to Trump?

12. What do you see on the other side of this Darkest time, the “dawn of light” coming up, especially what will happen to Finances, IRS taxes?

13. What is the Quantum Financial System, and is it real?

14. LEA? What is the meaning for symbol of this in your sign ?

15. What is the truth on what Bolsenaro has done and what Maduro has done and is Maduro still alive? According to The Guardian, Bolsinaro didn’t order the burning of the Amazon and buildings on said land.

16. Wouldn’t Ben Carson be a great vice presidential candidate?

17. Biden is Senile ? Is it TRUE?

18. David E. Goldberg has shared some “very scary” information about specific programs designed to eliminate those people who do not support Zionism. They are now identifying and tracking those individuals on the web. He died under unusual circumstances in 2019. Is he a credible source?

19. The Cabal has ended our players including JFK and many others with impunity. Finally with Trump we fought back against Soleimani. What do you think is the reason Soros is not being taken out.

20. Trump talks great but continually failing to act, remove Jared, swamp in cabinet, congress, govenors, mayors, etc and supporting vacine rollout, lockdowns, etc. Instead of stop them. Is he cancer stricken, under house arrest by generals, or what?

21. Robert–What is your opinion on the veracity of NASA and the moon landings and other space-related incidents that have been televised as real events, as opposed to staged theatrics? Has man actually walked on the moon?

22. Is the China president really a white hat? And would an economic reset relieve federal income tax debt and would this be handled under NESARA?

23. I was very intrigued by your comments on the revolutionary war not being won by the Patriots. Do you have any recommended books on that notion?

24. Hi RDS, thank you for all your good work and featuring amazing people on important topics. I am confused about Trump and his relationship to Israel. I want to believe everything you are saying, specifically that Trump is being strategic, keeping his enemies close and playing 3D chess. As long as Kushner (who is Netanyahu) are close to Trump and others such as neocon Pompeo; it seems he is just another politician hostage to Israel/Zionist/cabal. I feel Trump is amazing in many ways except Israel. He capitulates, moving the embassy, allowing Israel to annex the Golan heights and recognizing it (Trump settlement in his honor) and I would love to understand the angle and trust you have in our president although Israel is the most dangerous country to the US. I do see that Trump has restraint. I’m fully aware that had it been HRC in that seat we would have been at the war with Iran right now. I do see some hope but as you continuously say and I absolutely agree, he is surrounding himself with neocons who are agents of Israel and is not putting America first. I value your input and work, please make a video discussing this if possible. Many would so appreciate that. Sometimes I feel you hold back but for a greater purpose that is beyond us. Would love breadcrumbs of clarity at this point. Thank you.

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