#UNRIG: Election Reform Act of 2020: A Citizen’s Guide to Achieving Democracy with Integrity (Trump Revolution Book 54)

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70% of all eligible voters are disenfranchised — shut off from the possibility of being elected to any federal or state office, or having their vote count. The two-party tyranny — one bird, two wings, same crap — is a front for the Deep State. The GOP is explicitly betraying the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, at the same time that it colludes with the Democratic National Committee to put forward a senile white person and a token black person as tools of the Deep State.

There is nothing wrong with America the Beautiful that cannot be fixed and fixed quick by putting ALL of our citizens back into the process of public self governance.

With this document the authors — one a white male right of center former Marine Corps infantry officer and CIA spy, the other a black female left of center former Member of Congress (six terms), former Green Party candidate for the Presidency, and a known humanitarian and anti-war activist — seek to inspire a national conversation that leads to the enactment of #UNRIG: Electoral Reform Act of 2020.

Our desired end state is a Congress in 2022 – and state legislatures by 2024 – that are in proportional representation of all constituents, exclude all financial and other forms of bribery and blackmail, and make evidence-based decisions in the public interest.

The deal is simple: IF President Trump brings this legislation to fruition such that Independents, Libertarians, #WalkAways, and others can achieve proportional representation in Congress in 2022, ending the centuries of two-party tyranny fronting for the Deep State, THEN Independents and Libertarians and others should give our President the Mother of All Landslides.


For this we pray.

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