International Center for Molested and Abducted Children: Diploma Course for Dealing with Pedophiles & Their Victims

04 Education, 07 Other Atrocities, Cultural Intelligence

ICMA2C: International Center for Molested and Abducted Children

  • Psychological treatment of perpetrators of sexual abuse
  • Detection of offenders of sexual abuse
  • Detection of missing children
  • Published books, studies, and reports

Ready to work with victims of sexual abuse? Get trained, skilled and certified! We offer you a unique training program, to work with abused victims and sex offenders. If you finish the complete course, you will get an official diploma. The course can be done remotely from home or anywhere in the world, over the internet. Click here to READ MORE…


Review: Child Hunters – Requiem of a Childkiller by Carine Hutsebaut

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