James Fetzer: Rebecca Carnes on Sandy Hook Crime Family Structure — Malevolent Force Rules Newtown — Many Locations Across the USA?

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Jim Fetzer

“… A malevolent force has burrowed deep into Newtown, feeding off our good spirits like a parasite. It is especially dangerous to our most innocent – our children. What is unfolding in our town, our country and our world right now is not just a battle between truth and lies that make up our reality, but a higher-level spiritual battle between good and evil, light and darkness. If Sandy Hook was the rattle at the end of the snake giving us a warning, then this control-by-fear corona virus charade is the head of the snake popping up out of the grass and staring us in the face.

The snake is winking at you, daring you to challenge it as it openly mocks with lies and control-by-fear tricks….”

Rebecca Carnes, Sandy Hook: Crime Family Structure Key to Control. Right, Sandy Hook Fire Department?

ROBERT STEELE: As a professional intelligence officer, who among many other experiences actually ran a false flag operation for the CIA while serving overseas as a clandestine service case officer (spy), and then helped lead the creation of the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA), at the time our Nation's newest all-source intelligence analysis capability, I am quite certain that Sandy Hook was a false flag operation.

I am not certain as to whether children did not die at all, as many of the dedicated investigative journalists assert, or whether some children did die, but at the hands of US Government and enlisted local police forces corrupted by lies, national security warrants, and perhaps financial incentives.

I did what was within my power to do — immediately after finishing my 9/11 examination with 26 authors writing 28 memoranda — still the most definitive look at 9/11 in the shortest possible space with the greatest diversity of view — I structured a similar study on Sandy Hook.

That study, delivered not only to the White House but also to the Attorney General, two Congressional Committees, and the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security where Zionists and  false flag proponents reside, may have helped STOP further false flags, with the exception of the Zionist free lance in the Pittsburgh synagogue, an endeavor so shallow as to demonstrate that they hold all of us in contempt.

It is not possible to heal the USA without eradicating the Zionist parasite and the Deep State's Shadow Government that spans the two-party tyranny in Congress (most bribed or blackmailed, many with pedophilia videos), dual-citizen senior executives, and embedded traitors across the US intelligence and counterintelligence community.

A massive counterintelligence study and a massive purge are needed. No fewer than 5,000 need to be dismissed from US Government service, and as many as 100,000 others need to lose their clearances or their signature authority and be placed on caution. Across the USA it is likely that the numbers of compromised individuals run toward 250,000, with 50,000 being in senior judicial, legislative, and executive positions at mostly state but also county and municipality levels.

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