James McCanney: Holodomor — Communist Manifesto USA! Are We Facing a Food Crisis This Winter? The Ukraine Experience Comes Home.

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Holodomor – USA 2020 to 2021 – The Communist Manifesto comes to the USA

…read the yellow highlighted parts in the article at the end of this discussion and just look at the USA today … the Communist Manifesto game plan is being played out here EXACTLY including the stoppage of food which is already underway … starvation is already occurring around the world and no one is reporting it … starvation starts in the poorest countries … then will move to 1st world countries as they throw more “pandemics” at the public … it is already fully underway as Canadian and USA farmers cannot get their produce to market due to “confirmed covid19 cases” using the fake covid19 PCR test … they are cutting the supply chain … i am fully expecting biden to “win” this fall with the game plan with the potential for hillary finally worming her way into pres without actually winning an election (remember it was “her turn” in 2016) … whatever happens … they have no intention of losing this time … don’t set on your laurels thinking that if enough people “get out and vote” then we will win again … the 2016 election loss was a lesson to the deep state and their foreign investors … they are not going to let that happen again … their hearts and minds are filled with absolute hate with every action to overturn that election failing to date … the election fraud is growing with a vengeance … no amount of voter turnout will alter their election fraud this time . . .

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