James McCanney: Open Letter to President Trump

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Dear Mr. President,

I will be brief.  I will list 7 major problems we face AND THEN PROVIDE simple low cost solutions.  I also ask that investors see many of these as investment opportunities.

The infrastructure of the USA is in peril.

  1. The electric power grid is in great danger from external forces both natural and man made.
  2. Nuclear power stations are leaking and aged. We have no place to put its toxic waste.
  3. Coal plants are closing due to economic pressure from natural gas.
  4. Alternative energy (3 blade turbines and solar panels) receive huge subsidies and do not work. After decades of investment they only account for 2% of our power.
  5. Our water sources and distribution systems are polluted
  6. Our food has little food value and comes from distant and many times foreign sources
  7. Our malls and warehouses stand empty wasting away with no future use.

NOW the solutions by number of the above:

  1. The Electric Grid was designed to withstand EMPs … reinforce the GRID as originally designed with Shunts/diodes/Breakers and LOCALIZE power with JMCC WING Generators
  2. Decommission all Nuclear Power Plants – less than 20% of our energy comes from nuclear – start a “turn off the lights” conservation program to save that 20% – use JMCC WING Generators
  3. Replace Coal Plants with JMCC WING Generators – use same GRID connection infrastructure
  4. Stop wind/solar subsidies these will die – start Manhattan Project style program to roll out national program of large JMCC WING Generators – 10 year goal power USA 80% with wind
  5. High Quality Water Filtration at Point of Use – at less than $100 per house!! National Rain/Water Management Program – large scale production of High Quality POU Water Filters
  6. High Concentration Food “Vertical Grow Towers” – uses 95% less water – 1/3 grow time in 1/10th space – all season – Produce and distribute food LOCALLY !!!  All shopping malls in all locations are immediately useful in this regard.
  7. Convert vacant land, warehouses & shopping into high concentration Localized Food Production facilities and retail outlets for locally produced food – Retrain relocate people use EOZ incentives

Wishing to see you be the greatest President ever.  I am here at your service.

Very respectfully,

James McCanney


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