Review: Mary L. Trump, a Cheater in a Cheating Culture, Betrays Her Family & The Republic

2 Star, Biography & Memoirs

2 Star – Cheater Trashes President

Reviewed without Reading by RDS

I am so tired of bottom feeders being bribed or blackmailed to attack our President. Mary L. Trump is such a bottom feeder, and despite her PhD, also myopic, hateful, and uneducated.

President Donald J. Trump matters precisely because he is taking on the Deep State and the Shadow Government that have sold us all out.  He is a pragmatist and a transactional figure who did what he did to get a long within a long-established cheating culture where you cheat or you die.

I will not be reading this book, nor will this book impact on the election.  It will join other books by other bottom feeders (Bolton comes to mind) that will make money and mean nothing.

It merits comment that her own family relations closer to Trump than she is sought to stop this book, which is clearly a maliciously contrived defamatory campaign hit job.

Here are two contextual references followed by my master work that this vindictive gold-digging bottom-feeder cannot comprehend. The President has it right: we are in a culture war, between whites and blacks that love the idea that is America, and losers — both white and black — who hate themselves and their country because they have not learned how to think critically or be part of a larger whole.

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