Review: Positive Populism by Steve Hilton

5 Star, America (Founders, Current Situation)

5 Star — Not Complete but a Wonderful Starting Point

This is a serious book, very well put together, and it can be read quickly or slowly. The author sums up his core ideas at the end of each chapter.

The book boils down to three implementation ideas each for a populist economy characterized by security, opportunity, and fairness; a populist society characterized by a restored emphasis on family, on community, and on country; and a populist government that gets back to local, entrepreneurial, and accountable.

There is nothing in this book that I disagree with and I certainly recommend it for purchase.  It does not go nearly far enough but it is an excellent start.  A similar book, for an equally talented person on the left, is below.

Review: The Two Percent Solution–Fixing America’s Problems in Ways Liberals and Conservatives Can Love

America — and humanity — are at a cross-roads. Had Hillary Clinton won, these were going to be the years in which the Deep State achieved its goals of destroying national sovereignty, state sovereignty (each state is unique and sovereign unto itself), community integrity, and the family unit.

Donald Trump — and forces of good beyond my ken perhaps even including JFK Jr. — have come forward and the final battle has begun. If America is to survive, there is no alternative but to re-elect our President and finish the fight.

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