Review: The Art of Her Deal – The Untold Story of Melania Trump

5 Star, Biography & Memoirs
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Mary Jordan

5 Stars — A Superb Very Favorable Biography of the Most Elegant First Lady in American History

I would normally have reduced this to four stars for two reasons: it is a long essay disguised as a book with double-spacing, and it is not the untold story — lots of articles are out there but I take it to five stars for two reasons: it is a superb aggregation, extremely well-presented, very favorable, and the book is being slammed by trolls — somebody is going to a lot of trouble to keep people from reading this book.  It has my hearty recommendation. The First Lady passed the smell test with the American people, and what I like most about this book is how ably it documents that she lets the President be himself while at the same time brings to bear such intense intelligence and intuition combined with loyalty that he values her private advice above all others.  Anyone earnestly interested in helping the President should first ask themselves if they could pass muster with the First Lady.

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